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Heard any good jokes lately?

Heard any good jokes lately? Heard any great jokes?

What makes a joke great? I think it’s all about the context.
Who’s telling the joke, where they’re telling the joke, why they’re telling the joke, and who they’re telling the joke to. 416 more words

Mary Lamphere

1, 2, 3... Write!

As I organize my writing office it has come to my attention that the best way, the easiest way, and possibly the most reliable way to get published may be to create a how-to book about writing. 216 more words

Mary Lamphere

It Takes a Village

Most people are familiar with the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

I agree, but I think it’s time to modify it. 184 more words

Mary Lamphere

Go Risky or Go Home

My husband participates in three, yes, three, Fantasy Football Leagues. This was a particularly good year for him. He placed second in one league and won the other two– including a big win the weekend before last. 190 more words

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Twelve by Twelve has become a pretty popular way to reference things– especially in the new year. Twelve months, one goal a month, twelve goals met. 354 more words

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Drawing a Blank

Most Mondays I come to the computer with some sort of idea for my blog.
Some Mondays I have so many potential subjects that I have trouble deciding. 491 more words

Mary Lamphere

2015: Clean Slate

Last year was a cruel beast. Again. Two beasts in a row!
But today, this very moment, I choose to make everything new. Right now. 159 more words

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