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I am very excited to announce my very own MaryFranSays Blog Sweeps Week!

No gimmicky shark-jumping, no cliffhanger Who Shot JR? no shotgun weddings or plus-sign pee sticks, just five great  39 more words

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Stay Tuned...

In tribute to all things old being new again, I’d like to announce my SWEEPS WEEK. Beginning Monday, May 25 and running through Friday, May 29, I will be featuring… 26 more words

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Word of Artist 2 Guideline Reminder

Artist Guidelines:

* Any medium is acceptable but it must be on the 16×20 canvas provided by In Print.

* Stories are open to interpretation, but please nothing of a graphic nature. 232 more words


The Rick Sisters

About a year and a half ago, I attended the Rick Springfield concert in DeKalb at the Egyptian Theater. There’s no denying he puts on a great show. 676 more words

Mary Lamphere

How to be a Writer

So, you want to know how to be a writer?
You know.
You do!
Sit down and write.
Or stand up and write– it makes no difference to the words on the page. 801 more words

Mary Lamphere

The most fun you'll have with horrible people.

Today’s blog is a glimpse into how my word-brain works. Please note that if you, too, were in 7th grade in 1979, you are probably of the generation that was taught some of the following language is offensive. 396 more words

Mary Lamphere

Phantom Phone Syndrome

A few weeks ago, I forgot my phone at home when I left for a four day conference.


You know I didn’t mean to do that. 282 more words

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