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The most fun you'll have with horrible people.

Today’s blog is a glimpse into how my word-brain works. Please note that if you, too, were in 7th grade in 1979, you are probably of the generation that was taught some of the following language is offensive. 395 more words

Mary Lamphere

Phantom Phone Syndrome

A few weeks ago, I forgot my phone at home when I left for a four day conference.


You know I didn’t mean to do that. 282 more words

Mary Lamphere

First World Problems

My biggest complaint right this minute is broken fingernails. I’ve been trying to grow my nails out, to get them all even, so I could get a no-chip manicure that will cost me thirty-five dollars, only last two weeks because that’s what nails do, they grow, then I’ll be irritated that I have to go back again to get a fill and who has that kind of time and money but damn, I don’t want tips and the no-chip lasts longer than the cheapie old-fashioned don’t touch anything with your drying nails technique so it’s totally worth it and I love pretty nails. 610 more words

Mary Lamphere

Word of Artists 2!

One of the best things about organizing Word of Art 2 is the built-in breakdown of deadlines.

First, we collected Word submissions. Next, we posted them for reading. 388 more words

Mary Lamphere

The Long and the (too) Short of it

I consider myself pretty low maintenance. I get my hair cut maybe twice a year. And usually only on impulse. I decided to get a haircut Friday. 586 more words

Mary Lamphere

Happy New Year!

Now, to me, is the beginning of the new year.

If you live someplace like California, it’s really easy to make a resolution to begin your year in January with an anticipatory to-do list. 269 more words

Mary Lamphere

How I grew into Mom Jeans and other Aging Tales

I think it’s funny how people my age, and I mean exactly my age, are offended when I reference myself as fifty. I’m not fifty, I’m forty-eight, but really, at this point, what’s the difference? 433 more words

Mary Lamphere