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Marvel Super Heroes Review: Avengers Hydra Showdown

It’s March and we’re now counting down the days to the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. What this means for us LEGO fans are brand-spanking new sets for us to spend our money on. 1,094 more words


DC's Mess of a Cinematic Universe and Suicide Squad

My gripe with the slate of movies from DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. is their lack of effort. They had a great trilogy of Batman films from Christopher Nolan, which I would attribute to he and his brother thinking out the plot, dialogue, and the character meaning something to them. 821 more words

Sparks of 100 degrees

I feel the heat of the sun still on my skin

as if I brought it inside, as if it was him

The more I basked in it presence I felt my life begin… 87 more words


strikeforce morituri 1: the last stand of the black watch

Strikeforce Morituri shows up on comic book nostalgia blogs every once in a while. The series had a great premise, one that would bear re-imagining at today’s Marvel. 194 more words

Science Fiction

Awesome "Non-White" Characters in Comics that could have Movies...

On Facebook a friend posted the Michelle Rodriguez video here about her comments on the and this discussion came about. I want to state this is not a attack on any company, person or personnel and I will be using Marvel and DC as the main examples in this article. 2,588 more words

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Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD Preview: Things Aren't Looking So Good

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD returns tomorrow night after a winter hiatus (and a short run of Agent Carter, which had better be given a second season, am I right?). 401 more words


Drew Goddard to write and direct Sony/Marvel Studios 'Spider-Man'

Some interesting news to start off Monday right. According to Latino Review, Drew Goddard will be writing and directing the upcoming 2017 solo Spider-Man movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 262 more words