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My favorite Subject in School? Happiness, of course!

If you are lucky, Positive Psychology will be coming to a school near you soon. Positive Education as part of Positive Psychology seems to be really taking off at this point in time. 465 more words

Positive Psychology Insights

Keep It Positive

Martin Seligman, the author of Authentic Happiness, has some good advice for all of us.

View your setbacks as temporary and you successes as a direct result of your actions and choices.

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Mother's Explanatory Style and Children's Optimism

Martin Seligman, Learned Optimism, New York: 1990, 128-9

Children’s antennae are constantly tuned to the way their parents, particularly their mothers, talk about causes of emotionally loaded events.   360 more words

Finding Control in Chaos

In the 1960s psychologist Martin Seligman conducted a series of experiments on dogs involving mild electric shock. One group of dogs were put in a situation where they would be shocked randomly and were unable to escape the shocks, the second group were shocked but could control the shock process and the third group were not shocked at all. 1,048 more words

Mental Toughness

Obedience makes a "great" franchisee in profitable peace time, but sucks when war has been declared.

Deference to authority is a very highly selected-for and regarded trait within franchising.

Surviving as a franchisee wires your brain in a certain way.

Over time, especially when you’ve prospered like in Tim Hortons guys have done in 50 years, you’re trained to behave in a certain way.

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Tim Hortons

Keeping Things in Perspective

How many times have you found yourself going from zero to 180 over a comment, perceived slight or challenging event only to discover later that the situation was not even close to what you had initially perceived? 538 more words