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Career Change Advice, Use Personal Strengths

Learn the critical role your personal strengths play in career success.

When planning your career development or changing career, start with a self assessment of your personal strengths. 491 more words

Personal Development Research

VIA Character Strengths Survey from Authentic Happiness at Penn

A quick post. I love this survey and use it with clients a LOT! I love that it focuses on strengths and so is all positive rather than pathological, suggesting we look at what’s working rather than what’s broken in us, as part of a path to authentic happiness. 263 more words



Are you happy? Should you be?
Why do we emphasise Happiness? Not that I personally want to be sad, all the time – but I suppose that’s the thing though – I don’t want to be happy, all the time, either. 411 more words


For National Poetry Month [Untitled #2]

It's possible that this poem
is just a dog being shocked
140 times until it learns
to stay in the box, until it
stops trying to esca

… 10 more words

Using Positive Psychology in Career Counselling

Introduction to Positive Psychology

Martin Seligman (2012) argues that the history of psychology has largely been dominated by a focus on repairing pathologies or, in his words, making “miserable people less miserable.” By contrast, he believes that “psychology should be just as concerned with strengths as well as weaknesses, with building strengths, and making the lives of normal people fulfilling.” This vision led Seligman to pioneer a new field called “positive psychology” (Tomasevic, 2013). 873 more words

Career Advice

A KPI for the Leaders of the Future: Return On Flourishing (ROFL)

First, I have to admit it feels really good to think something (or at least: say it “in the digital public”) for the very first time. 683 more words

Positive Psychology Insights

Three Reasons American Kids Suffer from Depression

Published by EducationNews.org — A kid can’t succeed if she’s already telling herself she’s a full-on loser.

As America wrestles with improving its lackluster schools, we need to stop asking:  How do we win the international test score competitions?  949 more words