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Andrew Benjamin, Towards a Relational Ontology

An original philosophical account of relational ontology drawing on the work of Descartes, Kant, Fichte, Hegel, and Heidegger

In this original work of philosophy, Andrew Benjamin calls for a new understanding of relationality, one inaugurating a philosophical mode of thought that takes relations among people and events as primary, over and above conceptions of simple particularity or abstraction. 174 more words


Arthur Rose on "Dwelling in Triomf; or Building the Infrastructure for Postapartheid Dasein"

 The next seminar in the Philosophy and Literature stream of Finding Africa entitled, Dwelling in Triomf; or Building the Infrastructure for Postapartheid Dasein will be given by… 374 more words

University Of York

Watching Abstract Compositions Emerge from Nature

Albrecht Dürer, did after all make the well-known remark: “For in truth, art lies hidden within nature; he who can wrest it from her, has it.” “Wrest” here means to draw out the rift and to draw the design with the drawing-pen on the drawing-board.” . 457 more words


Thomas Sheehan's new translation of Heidegger's 'What is Metaphysics?'

Thomas Sheehan’s new translation of Heidegger’s ‘What is Metaphysics?’ is available to download here.

Martin Heidegger

New Conspiracy Feared: Iron Guard & Heathen Imperialism Decimating Skinhead Groups

New Conspiracy Feared: Iron Guard and Heathen Imperialism Decimating Skinhead Groups. Iron Guard threatens to join forces with Martin Heidegger.

“But what if the Heidegger conspiracy spreads? 502 more words


Michel Serres: “There are two kinds of philosopher: there are philosophers who shackle you and philosophers who free you”

Peter Hallward: Heidegger’s works on language, and on being-with, did they have any value for you?

Michel Serres: I was so busy with sciences and techniques that it was very difficult to throw myself into an author who refused them wholesale.

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Michel Serres