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Jeff Malpas, On the Reading of Heidegger – Situating the Black Notebooks

Jeff Malpas, “On the Reading of Heidegger – Situating the Black Notebooks” at academia.edu. This is the draft introduction to a forthcoming collection on the Notebooks, co-edited with Ingo Farin. 16 more words


The poetics of Heidegger's Enframing within current science and technology


We cannot adequately contemplate the meaning or context of the deepest metaphysical questions, questions about the nature of reality or truth itself, without giving proper consideration to modern science. 2,580 more words

Books received - GIA, Derrida, Vora, Lorimer, le Doeuff, Braver, Transactions

Publications by the Groupe Information Asiles and Groupe Information Santé; Derrida’s Cinders, Vora’s Life Support, Lorimer’s Wildlife in the Anthropocene, le Doeuff’s… 25 more words

Michel Foucault

Heidegger, National Socialism and the editing of the Gesamtausgabe

The Daily Nous reported a story about the editing of the Heidegger Gesamtausgabe a few days ago. The initial story was that some things – politically highly charged – had been deleted or changed in the editing of the texts. 113 more words


The Cotton Tempera Diary 1

Part one of Atsuhide Ito’s journal detailing his experiences of working on The Almshouse Tempera Project
23rd February, Nottingham
As Derek recommended me that I took 8.14 train from London Kings Cross to Nottingham on Monday 23rd February, instead of leaving on the day earlier. 558 more words


David Farrell Krell, Phantoms of the Other: Four Generations of Derrida's Geschlecht - published and review forthcoming

David Farrell Krell, Phantoms of the Other: Four Generations of Derrida’s Geschlecht has recently been published.

Features a reconstruction of an unfinished text by Jacques Derrida from his most penetrating series of readings of Heidegger’s philosophy.

164 more words
Martin Heidegger

Being In The World - A film about Martin Heidegger's philosophy

”BEING IN THE WORLD”’, a documentary directed by Tao Ruspoli, takes us on a journey around the world to meet philosophers influenced by the thought of Martin Heidegger, as well as experts in the fields of sports, music, craft, and cooking, in a celebration of human beings, and our ability to find meaning in life through the mastery of physical, intellectual, and creative skills. 117 more words