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I train Pink!

I’m the girl giving it my all with my bright pink boxing gloves in the corner of the room. Bright pink dreadlocked hair, batman leggings, care bear t-shirt. 676 more words


Video 334: Ninjutsu của Hatsumi Masaaki

Hiện tại ở Nhật, Ninjutsu cổ truyền có thể coi là đã bị thất truyền hoàn toàn, theo nghiên cứu của các chuyên gia về cổ phái ở Nhật. 192 more words

Võ Thuật

Coming soon: The Calisthenics Codex

Get ready — pre-orders will be opening soon.  More to come!

More about the eBook:

Centuries old and still going strong, calisthenics remain the most effective and efficient way to get in shape and stay that way. 264 more words

Martial Arts

Sometimes defeat is a good thing.

Last month I climbed into the ring after what has essentially been a seven year break. It took me a while but that’s life, it’s not a straight path, and can be a windy road. 414 more words

Muay Thai

Crouching Tiger

Just watched crouching tiger hidden dragon again. ….man, this is one of my favorite films. Touches the deepest part of me, and I have no idea why. 79 more words

Things That Touch Our Souls

Philosophy Story Challenge of the Week

So, Alayna and I were arguing about fighting last night, and I don’t mean that we were arguing about arguing. We were arguing about professional fighting (such as the UFC) and whether or not it is legitimate/wise/acceptable/etc. 646 more words

Writing Challenge

boring post

1. I got a LOT done this week.

2. Wrote all or part of 10 songs.

3. I could stand to do more housework.

4. not drinking enough water. 64 more words