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What Is the First Part of Manciolino's Assault Teaching Us?

Given that I spent a long time in Asian martial arts, it’s no wonder why it is I like forms. While I have some misgivings about their usefulness in empty handed fighting arts, I think they are often essential for those arts that concern themselves with weapons. 851 more words

Back to Basics

Most of my training is done outdoors in rough forest terrain, and as such I don’t often wear my dobok/gi (martial arts uniform) because of Scotland’s crazy weather. 443 more words

My Thoughts

The best way forward.

I think one thing you realize from an early stage with Muay Thai is that it requires a lot of graft. This week hasn’t been easy. 588 more words

Muay Thai

The Trouble With Exercising Is That It Involves Exercising...

Are you one of those people who don’t like to Exercise?

Maybe you have never been a fan of going to a gym, or just hate lifting weights and all that nonsense. 1,107 more words


White Lotus System / Reality Based Training

The ability to attain martial art skills is dependent upon one’s willingness to fulfill the dependencies associated with each level of skill. This raises a number of important questions. 118 more words

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Leadership Caffeine—Becoming Agile and Adaptable is THE Leadership Issue

Please see this good article (link is also at the bottom of this post) over at Leadership Caffeine.  It speaks to the need of adaptability in leaders, adaptability indeed being THE crucial leadership skill needed in this century. 162 more words