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Rest Days...

I know that rest days are important for the body and mind to relax and recharge. I need to learn to love them! My rest days are Saturday and Sunday (the weekends on my gym are for private classes and training), so this weekend has been so difficult for me due to the gym being closed today for the holiday. 210 more words


Coiling Dragon new chapter

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Coiling Dragon new chapter, enjoy!

Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 23, Execution

Faced with Inigo’s enticing suggestions, Elquin began to frown in thought. 405 more words


Writing Fight Scenes: Graphing Fictional Violence

Physical violence and fighting can be a wonderful source of conflict in fiction … when it’s done well. A fight should tell a story that’s integral to the overall narrative, and the tone of the action should not feel out of place. 273 more words


Colorado man finds success in boxing, martial arts and his family

DENVER — Boxing and martial arts are not easy sports to master and there is one man in Colorado who has found success in both. 41 more words


SYWZ new chapter

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New chapter, enjoy!

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 053
Chapter 53: Entrance Examination and Equipment (I)

Ping, ping, ping The door was being knocked. 349 more words



Life is a journey that takes some strange turns now and then. I was taking a karate class in my senior year, in a desperate bid to halt the expansion of my waistline and get some college credit out of it. 571 more words

Video 355: Cương Nhu Võ Đạo

Tôi cứ ngỡ Vovinam đã là môn có khuynh hướng tổng hợp nhiều nhất xuất thân từ Việt Nam rồi. Ai dè đâu Vovinam lại còn bị một môn khác vượt mặt – Cương Nhu của võ sư Ngô Đồng. 268 more words

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