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Strength Training

Ok, so the topic of strength training has been covered by many people. Despite this, there still seems to be a little confusion over whether people should train with weights and the benefits of lifting heavy. 448 more words


It's now or never

Shadow boxing a couple of months ago, I could barely lift my leg up to throw a high kick. I am definitely losing flexibility. How’s that possible? 238 more words


Silly confession 01

Growing up on 70s cheesy kung fu movies… whenever I watch one, for a while afterwards I find myself doing everything melodramatically and making woosh noises in my head with my movements. #sillyconfessions.



So I test for my red belt on June 7th.  This weekend I will be working on perfecting my current and previous forms. After two years of practice and training , I still get nervous about tests:/  Although nothing completely eliminates the nerves, good preparation surely calms them down:)  I’m striving to be PREPARED! 19 more words


Tips for sparring

Ben Owens, Head Instructor at QMA, with some of my personal tips for sparring, for the novice and experienced martial artist

Manage your anxiety

I’ll let you in on a secret.  659 more words

Martial Arts Sydney

Here's a fun Trailer for Tiger Cop 1 & 2 from Maria Tran!

Maria Tran, a great martial artist and stuntwoman down under, having done the film Maximum Choppage and the short film Hit Girls now returns with this, a what if that reminds me of Moon Lee, Cynthia Rothrock and Yukari Oshima films like… 119 more words

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