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48 - Lentil Soup

Cooking, photographing and then writing – sometimes the full trifecta just seems like too much. In my foolish youth, I used to make much smaller commitments to my food; by that I meant three to four minutes in a microwave (though sometimes as much as five). 540 more words

Potato Gnocchi

Gnocchi should be made in one continuous process: cook the potatoes, make the dough, form the gnocchi.


Martha Stewart

This quick and easy knife trick will make your meals look amazing

You may have never heard of a chiffonade, but you’ve definitely seen it. It’s the thin strips of herbs or veggies typically used as a garnish. 49 more words

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47 - Tandoori Chicken with Yogurt Sauce

The humor of feeling cocky when it comes to a chicken dish is not lost on me. In a matter of months, I’ve gone from being intimidated by very basic recipes, to feeling above entire cookbooks. 501 more words


Singing on the Martha Stewart Christmas special...aka, the best day EVER!!!

There are times in the media when what you see is what you get. The Martha Stewart show is a rare gem in the world of entertainment. 452 more words

Christmas Special

The Wit, Wisdom and Wine of David Letterman

I don’t now anybody with an ambivalent attitude about David Letterman, who is retiring from a three-decade career in light-night television following tonight’s “Late Show” broadcast on CBS. 355 more words

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Straightforward Stuffed Avocado

We love salad. It’s healthy. It’s easy to prepare. We view it as a pallet cleanser. You know, it leaves your mouth feeling fresh after that hearty meal… And bonus – it’s a vehicle for salad dressing *Yum!* 298 more words

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