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Mars One Mission Applicant Sonia Van Meter: Down to the last hundred

Sonia Van Meter is giving up her husband and kids to pursue her dream of exploring space. Van Meter joins Matt to talk about why she is willing to do so, and how her family is taking it. 14 more words

Matt Bubala

Citizen Scientists Study Mars

Not everyone can be a professional scientist, but citizen scientists continue to contribute.

“An international network of amateur astronomers has spotted what looks like two plumes, or slender, cloudy projections, extending from the surface of Mars, and their professional counterparts have no clear idea of what they might be.” … 228 more words

Neat News And Thoughts

Film Rewind: The Angry Red Planet (1957)

First off, apologies for taking more than a month off. In the future I’ll try to get something up every other week. If I don’t have a movie worth putting up here, I’ll post some pop-culture related rambling that’s running through my mind. 786 more words


February 28 – 059.

3D-XplorMath. Space curve, Loxodrome #3. Background – Mars – Gully Monitoring. ESP_039374_2305,

One Image A Day - 364 Days


If we put as much money and energy into space travel as we do with war and election years, then we could get people to Mars and back by 2024.


Review-Aoleon The Martian Girl: Science Fiction Saga -Part 1 First Contact by Brent LeVasseur

Synposis: The story starts with crop circles that magically appear in Farmer Johnson’s field. Gilbert Sullivan, a young Nebraska boy,often has unusual dreams right before the crop circles. 198 more words


Total lunar eclipse & “blood moon” (4.15.14)

These were taken with the Canon, but before we had the zoom lens. The sequence of pictures shows the Earth’s shadow blocking out the Moon in a total lunar eclipse. 175 more words