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Fight for Your Own Happiness


Awhile ago, for a law suit, I’d especially gone to consult my friend, Yang, who just happened to be a lawyer, and started a casual conversation with him, to catch up, and I’d heard him told me the story of how he and his wife’s affinity had been destined by fate. 492 more words


This Sort of an Amazing Man, on Marriage


Awhile ago, I’d met up with my elementary school classmates whom I hadn’t gathered with for over four decades, and we’d all become middle-aged, and we’d all come as singles to the gathering, only Lucky, who held his two-year-old granddaughter, with his lovely wife, following, close by him, smiling, as they’d approached us, as if, proclaiming to everybody, that he’s the man of the house! 447 more words


Alabama Supreme Court Stops Gay Marriages

The abnormality in human system may not be allowed to stay for long as the Supreme Court of Alabama ordered all the state’s probate judges late Tuesday to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the latest salvo in a growing legal battle in Alabama over whether the decisions of federal justices trump those made by state judges. 329 more words


Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies – Plan a Simple But Stylish Wedding

Preparing a wedding could take effort and determination, and also several bride-to-be have works, household, and not to mention a financing they need to plan their time around! 543 more words


The Sweet Sound Of Tradition

In India, married women wear anklets made with silver, or gold as a sign of their marital and social strata. Traditionally, young girls and married women were only allowed to wear anklets; spinsters and widows were barred from this privilege, but not any more. 33 more words


With the Death of Her Child, Comes the Termination of Her Marriage

Here, we have, the superglue, worn out and off already…

With the death of her child, comes the termination of her marriage.  She never even planned to marry in the first place, but, that one evening, when she got too wasted, and, he just, humped her, and, nine months later, and, from when her baby was born, he’d been ill, and, that infant had been in the incubator since he was born, and, his mother couldn’t even look at him, fearing, that he won’t even reach the age of one. 176 more words


Sydney Registry Office

Legalize Your Documents For Marriage At Sydney Registry Office

The solution that became popular among couples is the Sydney Marriage Registry solution. This service takes place to be one of the most feasible alternative for people. 542 more words