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In marriage whats your first priority?

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The Happy Life

My Husband's Misinterpreted Me

The interactions between a couple here, translated…

Early in the morn, before my husband headed out into the community to volunteer, he’d told me, that he was going to get two boxes of dumplings from the old streets home after the activities were over, that way, we’d have our servings of protein, as well as starch too, and all I needed to do, was to broil up some vegetables, and there goes our suppers. 485 more words


Marriages - Skin

American rock trio Marriages released their debut album Salome this week, and upon first listen to their single “Skin,” it’s safe to say that the album brings out heavy guitars and drums to evoke a sense of gritty, raw power. 24 more words


A Red Flag

Transparency is the foundation of trust, and trust is essential to every successful marriage. Husbands and wives who are active in social media need to maintain an “open door policy” by sharing their passwords with one another, both out of mutual respect and as a way of ensuring accountability.There are several additional questions you should probably ask yourself about your interactions with online acquaintances and “friends,” especially those of the opposite sex. 94 more words

Freely Speaking


Con la constante evolución y convergencia del post-rock con otros estilos musicales, Salome, la nueva producción de Marriages, es un álbum que parece haber llegado en un excelente momento. 420 more words

A modern-day Pin-Up: This isn't a business of jealousy.

I recently read an article written by a military spouse in regards to the Pin-Up culture that sat desperately wrong with me. As a Pin-Up Spokesmodel I feel the need to enlighten my readers as to what Pin-Up is!  563 more words