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1 KORINTUS 7:3-5

“Janganlah kamu saling menjauhi, kecuali dengan persetujuan bersama untuk sementara waktu, supaya kamu mendapat kesempatan untuk berdoa. Sesudah itu hendaklah kamu kembali hidup bersama-sama, supaya Iblis jangan menggodai kamu, karena kamu tidak tahan bertarak.”*1 Kor 7:5* 1,616 more words


When Marriage Outlasted Love


When marriage outlasted love, well, why don’t we just put it (the marriage) OUT of ITS misery then?  I mean, it’d already, outlasted its “mate”, love, and, with the passing of each and every day, it (marriage) is becoming more and more lethargic… 232 more words


Taking Off Your Last Name

Finally, it took me, a VERY long, long time, but, I’m finally, doing it!

Taking off your last name, it’s bound to happen, after all, we’re NO longer “bound”, as that wedding band of ours, had already been, sent into the FIRES of love, and, it still couldn’t, withstand the heat… 170 more words


Being Put Down by Her "Better Half"

The interactions of a husband & a wife, translated…

Meng taught at a private technical high school.  Her husband is a professor at a university, when they were just wed, it’d made everybody envious of them.  693 more words


For Better or For Worse, Forever, a Husband & Wife

DAMN, so, we’re BOUND, for life???  How’d THIS happen!!!

For better or for worse, forever, a husband, and wife, that, was the promise we’d, “signed on” for, well, that was before, either one of us realized, that life was going to get in the way of love, that life was going to, RUIN the love we felt for one another… 173 more words


Been Married for Five Years, But Still Had Yet to Register at the Land Offices, on Marriage

The way here is, even IF you’d gone through the whole thing, IF you didn’t get registered at the land offices, you’re still, NOT married, translated… 672 more words


The Reasons for Not Wanting to Marry

Found on Yahoo!.com, Taiwan, translated…

Marriage, is a killer of fairytales!  But, in the traditional beliefs, people tend to still think, that when boys and girls get to marrying age, they should get wed, and, in order for a person, to be fulfilled, the only way is by finding that certain someone, have babies, and, grow old together! 661 more words