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"Prehistoric Park" Leang-Leang

After I enjoyed everything’s of Bantimurung National Park, I went on a trip to Leang-Leang, Maros. Maros is a part of the city of Makassar that have many beautiful place to visit. 191 more words


The Kingdom of Butterfly

Remember my first journey day to La Galigo Fort Rotterdam in Makassar? Now I will share my second journey in the other places on Makassar! At 8.00 o’clock, I started my day to go to Bantimurung Bulusaraung, Maros. 834 more words


Kepulauan Spermonde pada tahun 1960-an

Pada tahun 1961 kepulauan Spermonde berada dalam satu wilayah kecamatan dengan nama Kec. Spermonde berada dalam lingkup kabupaten Maros Sulawesi Selatan, pada waktu itu pulau-pulau di Spermonde yang berpenghuni kurang lebih 29 pulau dengan jumlah penduduk sekitar 30.000 jiwa. 43 more words


IIFYM and accuracy

To make your IIFYM experience really successful, you have to get accurate.  Whew!  Who knew!

I always feel like I’m totally accurate! Maybe you are, but your kitchen utensils might not be. 318 more words

Bikini Competition Prep