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Big Data As I Know - What Is the Implication of Big Data

Big data has been so overwhelming. Everything Internet-related involves big data. I had been hearing about it for such a long time and had no idea what it is. 392 more words

Madewell on Instagram - Content Strategy

In my last blog, I introduced Madewell and analyzed its Instagram engagement. As I mentioned, Madewell is doing a great job in terms of attracting their current customers. 222 more words

Couterbalancing the Millenial Marketing Madness with Nuance, Relevance and the Essential Idea

If it’s March, or any other month, it must be Millennial Madness for us marketers.  For the past few weeks I’ve been inundated with the best how-tos, tips and advice on how to market to millennials. 409 more words

Marketing Analysis

Madewell on Instagram - Doing Well or Not?

Madewell is an American clothing brand founded in 1937 and now belongs to J.Crew Group. It makes women’s clothes and accessories in good qualities and in simple and casual designs. 328 more words

A 6-Step Plan to Dealing With Social Media Marketing Envy Disorder (SMMED)

SMMED is an insidious condition.  It’s what results when we marketers try (and fail) to get our heads wrapped around why social media marketing strategy can  make the very best of us revert back to the insecure teenage version of ourselves.  920 more words

Marketing Analysis

What's on your newsfeed?

Ok, let me get this out of the way: it has been a month since my last post. Cue me doing a sad puppy face… 731 more words

Marketing Analysis