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If our homes are our biggest investment; we should buy/sell them like investments!

All these financial and real estate guru’s say, “Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make.” But 99% of the timing of people’s buying and selling their “biggest investment” is based on when it’s convenient for them based on their personal situation. 1,095 more words


TVO 2014 - Year in Review Part 3

The TVO System signals generated 6 trades in 2014 achieving an 83% win rate (5 out of 6). As a result our options account more than doubled (143%), and no more than 10% of capital was put at risk at any given time. 372 more words

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TVO Market Barometer 3/26/15

When evaluating a market bounce, what we look for first is a blow out day where down volume comes in at an extreme over up volume. 122 more words

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Market Timing Brief for 3-26-2015: A Possible Scenario for the Fed, Rates (Bonds), Stocks, Gold, and the U.S. Dollar.

A Market Timing Report about Fed FOMC rate changes and how they may move the various markets…

Here’s my proposed scenario:

1. The Fed insists, as Fed Gov. 654 more words

Market Timing

TVO Market Barometer 3/25/15

So how do you know which market to stand with? The one that sky rocketed as it cheered the Fed just a mere week ago, or the one today which was equally as extreme, but in the other direction? 134 more words

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TVO Market Barometer 3/24/15

The shaking of the tree, which has been an age-old Wall Street ritual, always manages to take folks by surprise… which is likely the reason why it’s so effective (and the reason why we don’t use stops). 135 more words

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TVO Market Barometer 3/23/15

After the massive volume boost we had last Friday, anything today would’ve seemed light in comparison. So markets took the opportunity to pull in and continue to digest last week’s madness. 123 more words

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