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Obama's Takeover Of The Internet: He Will Impose It, So We Can Find Out What Is In It.

The FCC Commissioner sounds the alarm on Obama’s intent to regulate the internet, and the intent to hide the regulatory plans from public until they are implemented… by decree. 919 more words

Obama Marxist Tyranny

Why Reagan Conservatives Differ From Libertarians and Progressives

What makes Conservatives different from Libertarians and Progressives? Faith.
In an era where radical secular progressives and radical secular libertarians have taken over our culture, Reagan conservatives are needed more than ever. 150 more words

Mark Levin Show

Mark Levin defends the pro-life movement

Mark Levin defends the pro-life movement and social conservatism.

Mark Levin explains it is Democrats who run on abortion and Republicans go on defense.

It is Democrats who are challenging American families and tradition. 165 more words

Mark Levin