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Madonna warns against French neo-fascism

This video says about itself:

Madonna Defends Use of Swastika on Marine Le Pen‘s Forehead: Front National Party Threatens Suit

27 July 2012

American pop singer Madonna is defending her use of an image depicting…

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Racism And Anti-racism

Realignment: French Jews Turning To Le Pen After Muslim Attacks

An increasing number of French Jews are turning to Marine Le Pen’s Front National, despite the party’s past reputation for anti-Semitism, as they now see Muslims as a bigger threat. 399 more words
War Room

French Holocaust survivor speaks out against neo-fascism

This video about Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust is called Auschwitz Birkenau – Warning Extremely Graphic Content.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Holocaust survivor shares fears over the rise of the…

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Human Rights

At the End of the Day

Bit of a game of two halves tonight sports fans. First Half: unnoticed dimensions of Greek contagion. Second Half: unimaginable dimensions of the Universe. I hope to show that the second has perspectives for the first. 911 more words

At The End Of The Day

Those who "are not" Charlie Hebdo...

We all know that on the 7th of January of 2015, Islamic extremists attacked the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, yelling phrases such as the popular “Allahu Akbar” as they shot and killed twelve people in cold blood. 584 more words

Charlie Hebdo

Paris attacks: Testing the Secularist faith

Not since the Danish cartoons case of 2005, has the freedom to express or offend come under such threat in Europe. Eight journalists and two police officers gunned down, and several injured in an attack on the office of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, is a chilling escalation of radical outfits waging war against European democracy and liberalism. 563 more words

A Sparkling Interview with Alfred Grosser

Alfred Grosser, Anne Hidalgo and Manuel Valls

The French political scientist Alfred Grosser emigrated from Germany to France in 1933 at the age of eight. He devoted his life to enlightening the Germans about France and the French about Germany, and has received high honours in Germany. 295 more words