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Our Pizza Night Pie.

We love pizza night at our house.

Friday. Oh, glorious, wonderful, perfect day of the week.

Friday, at our house, is pizza night. Now, to be fair, I’d be completely cool with every night being pizza night, but being adults who would rather not get scurvy, we keep pizza night to a once a week showing. 558 more words

Comfort Food

Delicious Alicante

After our amazing hike at Tahquitz Canyon Trail in Palm Springs we headed back into town for a small bite to eat. We walked down the strip and came across  109 more words


Tasty Tuesday {sometimes food}

What else are three girls to have for dinner at the end of two solid days of sorting and packing?

French champagne and pizza of course. 28 more words

Dreams of gluten-free ice cream sandwiches, cupcakes, bagels, and more!- New Cascadia Traditional Bakery (Portland)

One of my first nights in Portland I had visited Ground Breaker Brewing (a 100% gluten-free brewpub and gastropub) and had a pretty delicious gluten-free Cubano sandwich. 746 more words


Grilled Pizza

Well, the end of summer is upon us. Look around at all of the things you didn’t fix or get done. Then, grab a cold beer, take a big drink and forget about it. 897 more words

Classic Grilling Recipes

Koel Cafe - A cozy little Sunday Lunch

Blessed by the fatness fairy are you? You my dear are my new best friend. Read along as I take you on an adventure that will leave you feeling much better about yourself when you are through. 462 more words


What's Cooking In My kitchen: Just Two Simple Summer Recipes

Privet Matryoshka’s!! One of the things besides the gym that’s been occupying my time is cooking for the family. I always get asked the question… 825 more words

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