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In debate

I drafted a post recently on a debate at Lancaster University in which I participated, on the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.  Because I drafted it ahead of some of my more recent posts, it appeared before those posts when I published it.  20 more words

Refuting Arguments Against Socialism #1: It's Theft

I’d like to start this off by saying that I don’t see anything wrong with debating the merits of Socialism however the problem is most of the arguments I hear against it are straw men. 787 more words


UK To Scrap Human Rights Shock Horror!!

Okay, prime minister David Cameron isn’t planning to scrap human rights in Britain (I hope).  The plan, which was (i’m told) in the Conservative election manifesto, is to dilute Britain’s obligations under the Convention on Human Rights, in particular to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, and to create a British Court of Human Rights to enforce whatever rights the government decides all humans deserve (which, to judge from the Conservatives’ record, doesn’t seem too appealing). 299 more words


Labour Leadership

“Ancient Chinese warriors  to the emperor it is better to acknowledge defeat gracefully and live to fight another day, we learn the lesson a thousand times and regroup our forces  to win battle.”

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Amos Yee’s Favorite Movies

Now keep in mind, that though I made a really popular Lee Kuan Yew video, I am not politically-savvy, at least not yet, I just managed to make a viral video that was political in nature. 377 more words

Amos Yee

May 25th, 1990 - Margaret Thatcher opens the Hadley Centre

“Many of us have been worried for some time now about the accumulating evidence of damage to the global environment and the consequences for life on Earth and for future generations. 282 more words

Ignored Warnings

Quote of the Day

Patched-up diplomatic solutions designed to answer the needs of the moment rarely last, and as they unravel they can actually make things worse.

—Margaret Thatcher