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Britain's secret 'Death Ray'

The Sunday Express has published a story based upon the British military’s work to create a high energy ‘death ray’ weapon for use in the… 593 more words

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Interessante trasformazione linguistica. Secondo i giornali italiani a essere ucciso a Mosca tre giorni fa è stato Boris Nemtsov, con il cognome scritto secondo la traslitterazione americana. 224 more words

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The timing of major economic reform programmes

There are plenty of critics of deregulation, albeit enough for them are smart enough to realise they cannot restore the lost monopolies and high marginal tax rates on the middle-class. 1,430 more words

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Quotable Women ~ February 28th

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

~ Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), Former British Prime Minister


The Gargoyle: The non-election edition

Election rumours and temporarily misplaced spending estimates: what’s federal politics coming to? The Gargoyle reviews through the week – as, once again, parliamentarians pause for a break: 1,626 more words


We Need A British CPAC

As UKIP’s spring conference gets underway, The Spectator makes lighthearted fun of the patriotic, themed merchandise available for delegates to purchase. And fair enough – some of it is quite kitschy. 1,205 more words