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Things starting to come together for my move to Alicante. Very excited for September.

March 2014

On choosing pets 

For many years, watching documentaries has been part of Frances’s very strict bedtime routine: if she does not watch a documentary or if she falls asleep during one, she will wake in the middle of the night crying and repeating, “I didn’t watch a documentary.” 121 more words

Art Journal

A Dash of Repatriation Blues

We’ve been Stateside again about four and a half months, and it didn’t really occur to me that coming back to America was going to be such a different experience after our time away. 292 more words

March 2014

Diāna Stirna, March 2014


In March we continued to work on our repertoire for the World Choir Games as well as started to prepare for the Student Dance and Song Festival since the tryouts were in April. 171 more words

March 2014

So This is What Rejection Feels Like

Many people refrain from reading short story collections for a variety of reasons. Whether it be the feeling that once you get a feel for the characters the story is over, they see it as a way to inflate the ego of the writer, or perhaps they see it is an easy way out of a long demanding process. 846 more words



Once again it’s been a while but I hope to be more regular going forward- some exciting happenings in my life! Firstly to the day at hand off to one of my favourite cities and to see one of my least favourite spectacles. 22 more words

March 2014

Estere Fomina, School Year 2013/2014

Feeding the poor

(August 2013)

 The exchange program I was a part of, organized 4 day Retreat-Orientation for the new students to one more time get prepared and informed before heading to the host families. 2,405 more words

October 2013