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A Couple of Shades on Grey: Vaibhav and Mrinalika

Pentagram 2014 was a grand success and we at JO especially loved the work of the Decoration Committee. We got Vaibhav Dahiwale, the artist behind the stencils, to share his experiences of Pentagram 2014 with us. 695 more words


Life In GNLU

I am yet to meet a person who fails to get impressed by the very first sight of GNLU, though what living here’s like is another story altogether. 489 more words


A Session With The Sessions

He looked at me and my mother intently for a minute and then asked if I could read Kannada. He was a sturdy dark man who looked hardened after years of being exposed to criminals. 2,219 more words


Tweets Of March, 2014

‘And spend from what We have provided them with.’ We created you, and into it We shall return you, and from it We shall bring you out once again. 430 more words


I've Been Everywhere and Have Seen Many Things, Man. And There's Only One Thing You Should Know...

“He knew then what was so awful in his visions, what gave them their power to terrify,
to torment – to make his life seem so peculiarly hollow all of a sudden: they were true.

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From Hollywood to Woodstock

One of Woodstock’s newest female entrepreneurs, Jamie McQuade, did not have to lookf far for business role models as she opened her restaurant, Anthony’s Italian Bistro, in the heart of the community’s downtown core. 759 more words


‘We want them free, we want them wild’

When Joyce Prosser first told of how she and her husband were feeding a growing number of mallards, they never expected the story to go as far as it has. 530 more words