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Amnesia? or Tramanesia?

This song is About the best song in Silent hill 2 and is create by Akira Yamaoka and is also played in Trailers on Silent hill movies. 1,553 more words


State of the Mega Delve!

Sometime back in November I figured I would finish off 2014 with a small megadungeon styled map. So I pulled out a post-it note and drew a basic node map for said. 314 more words


Now Extinct County of Bath exp 1696-1730

nmosely 1733 map

The original County of Bath, named after the Duke of Bath of Longleat,

was composed of 3 precincts Pamticough, Wyckham and Archdale.  Colonists writing from  plantations and settlements with small farms on both the south and north banks of the Pamlico would have used a mailing address of Pamticough since the town of Bath had not been incorporated until 1705. 46 more words


Waymarking's recent studies enhance understanding of making maps #2

Continuing with the mapping and map-making theme of my previous post, here are a couple of maps for a potential development site from a student urban design project on the Stretford Road, in Trafford. 24 more words


Douglas Square: A New Urbanist Vision for a Champaign-Urbana Neighborhood

This report was my final project for my Physical Planning course in Fall 2014. Taking an empty series of parcels in northern Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, I created a New Urbanist site plan that incorporated sustainable design principles, green space, community commercial spaces, and mixed-income housing.

Douglas Square


Common Ground: A Highlight of 21 Antiquarian Maps

The exhibit Common Ground highlights 21 antiquarian maps from the Lopez Museum and Library collection. These ancient maps were drawn by Western cartographers presenting significant areas within the Philippine territory, which consistently included the Scarborough Shoal, also known as Panacot or Bajo de Masinloc. 43 more words

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