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Welcome to the Jungle, Google Maps

Google Maps’ Street View option has been letting people virtually travel down streets in cities and towns across the world since 2007.  In 2010, it added indoor spaces, in 2012, it began adding exotic, hard to reach places, and in 2014, it added views from different time periods.   427 more words


The Situation At The Pit

I thought it might be worthwhile to review the PCs’ current situation. When we last left them, the party was mostly gathered around the top of the so-called “Pit of Darkness”, aside from FuBar, who had already entered the pit on his own. 987 more words

Mississippi Jed

Mapmaking and Podcasting

The mapmaking continues to go well. I spent a night on Skype discussing with the illustrator how we want to go about that. We may stray from the regular old-style, and we may not. 208 more words


Off the Beaten Path

It’s just 120 km and one steamboat ride from Te Anau to Queenstown. There won’t be any traffic because it’s a gravel road. It’s uphill for 80 of those kilometers. 212 more words


New Work

At the beginning of 2014 I set a goal to revamp my entire portfolio. It was a very busy 12 months of drawing new food, patterns, typefaces… Excited to start sharing some of what I’ve been doing! 128 more words


Offline but On Track

Hello Everybody,

We’ll be heading from Te Anau to Queenstown over the next couple of days via Mavora Lakes and the Mt Nicolas Station. It is unlikely there will be any cell or internet access for us until we arrive in Queenstown…so don’t worry if we seem silent for the next two days. 38 more words