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Many Interacting Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

This is the second article that was required by the same module that asked for this website. Similarly to last time, any additions or changes are in italics and there weren’t any pictures in the original. 684 more words


CNN decided to make their own version of 'Too Many Cooks'

Now here’s a place with too many cooks in the kitchen.


Review For Black and Gold Tea

Dear Reader

I tend to drink a un-natural amount of tea. Many people say black and gold is not as good as normal tea. (that is utter BS) Black and gold tea is made by Lipton which runs for about $5 a box where as black and gold tastes the same is made by the same place with the same ingredients and only costs $2 for a box of a hundred. 202 more words


Guys Burn Almost as Many Calories Sitting on the Couch as They Do Working Out?

We used to think the best advantage men had over women was being able to pee in filthy gas station bathrooms without making contact with the toilet seat.  158 more words


Many when they come first (by profession) to Christ...

Many when they come first (by profession) to Christ, do little think that He would cast them into the fire, and refine them, and purge away their dross, and cast them anew into the mould of the gospel (see Rom. 384 more words

Quoted People