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Abstract | " She's Got Legs" (song)

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Description From Photographer if Any:

an sbstract view of many legs of flamingos showing under 1 feathered flamingo.

By odetteholty

Source: 500px.com


How many types of Layout is supported in NAV 2015?

In new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, we are introduced in new reporting feature – Word Layout. It means, that now we can use both of layouts, RDLC and Word.  121 more words


How Many Reps & How Much Weight Should I Be Using?

This subject is so intensely contested in the weight training arena that I thought I would clear everything up for you and put you on the right path to great outcomes. 35 more words



Green, is grass, until it is brown.

A single chain is more worthy than many a link.


Too many people believe that Gold is Holy

Jim Rogers: I own gold. I have not bought any serious gold in five years or so. It did not have a… This is an excerpt only please visit… 23 more words