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Fresh Start

Letting go of negative energy and focusing on self power and compassion, i’m changing my outlook and giving a pair of rose colored glasses a try. 38 more words


Verse from the Veda about the Holy Path to Good Fortune

There are many titles for the spiritually enlightened, and one sure way to attain the title is to master the philosophy and abandon the ego. All Enlightened Beings adhere to the same philosophy, the wisdom that guided them to the Heavenly State. 498 more words


The Here & Now

Today has been a scattered type day for me. It is really too easy to loose a whole day trying to get things in order. It’s a perpetual cycle, be it good or evil, that we spend so much time putting things in order, with the intentions of simplifying the future…that we’ve lost the present. 534 more words

Bloggy Stuff

Morning & Evening Mindfulness Ritual with the Kids

My greatest hope and desire for my children is for them to choose love.  Accomplishments and accolades are lovely and I certainly feel proud in those moments, but they mean nothing if my child is not connected to the light in their heart.  378 more words



That’s what I’m going to call this stupid month, from now on. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! But I guess I’m now posting for the big THIRD time on this thing, which I intended to actually maybe use back in October, when things were different. 1,271 more words

You Are Not Your Feelings

For most of my life I’ve defined myself by my feelings. If I feel sad, I am sad.  If I feel frustrated, I am frustrated.  If I feel apathetic, I… 307 more words