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Mantras for a Happier Life Series: The Enemy Of Creativity Is Self Doubt

The Enemy Of Creativity Is Self Doubt

I will say it again…

The Enemy Of Creativity Is Self Doubt

We all can be wracked will self doubt from time to time, but letting it hold us back is the worst thing we can do for our creativity and personal growth.

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Staying Motivated

The Guire Mantras

I’ve been loosely working through a study on Praying Circles around Your Children. Thanks for joining me!

“There is something powerful about a single God-inspired prayer repeated throughout a child’s lifetime. 553 more words

Adoption Journey

Words from the Veda, from the Supreme Teacher, about the Path the Happiness

The Divine Absolute, the Supreme Spirit Pervading the Universe, the Universal, the Holy One, God, Brahma, Allah, and so on, are names for the Highest Divinity. 276 more words


no longer a negative Nancy...

Hello lovely ones! How on earth are you? The weeks speeding by are really beginning to scare me now. It seems no sooner do I hit publish on my… 966 more words


"I Choose To Live In Easy World Where Everything Is Easy"

I was bored.  The weather outside was crappy and there was nothing interesting on tv as usual.  So, I began a search for something to read when I came across a book called “Choosing Easy World” by Julia Roberts Hamrick.   420 more words

Choosing Easy World By Julia Rogers Hamrick

Wild Word Mantras

As a writer with a deep spiritual connection to the Earth, I draw much of my inspiration from the natural world and the Divine feminine energy it connects me with. 266 more words

Earth Whispers

Mindful Monday–Find Time to Love Who You Are

Welcome to Mindful Monday!  I have found that being mindful encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to.  478 more words

Mindful Monday