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Don't just visit happiness, LIVE IT!

It’s a plain and simple truth…

Life is not always easy.  It is never certain, most times unclear.  We live in a world of earthquakes, floods, war, death, inequality, racism, hunger, divorce, poverty.   149 more words


02. Beggar Belief

On any given day there are thousands of thoughts (more like a million in my head) circulating round our brain. Positive, negative, indifferent, and they are all holding power over us in one way or another. 180 more words


How to deal with the people you don't like?

Colloquial topic as it may seem but some are still skirmish about this, especially those who are not used to changing their attitude the way they deal with people at work, friends and family. 412 more words


Good Traveller

I know a mantra or maybe a motto
Said in silence or sometimes aloud
Reminding what’s real and what isn’t who’s

Sad at the start… 81 more words

monday mantra

/ Lisa Congdon /

A little motivation to jump start your week.



Happy Monday, Here's Your Mantra

Stop. Don’t text what’s-his-face before watching this video.

Listen, learn, and repeat after Amy. You’ve got the upper hand, my friend.


Monday Mantra

Have courage and faith and be true to yourself. Have a great week! ❤️

Monday Mantra