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Monday Mantra: (3.30.2015)

“How simple and frugal a thing is happiness.” – Nikos Kazantzakis


Daily Tips : Write Down Your Wish

It is very important to write down your wish in writing. This makes the wish very specific. Begin with: “I am so grateful and happy now that…..” Complete the paragraph or sentence by telling the Universe exactly what you want. 103 more words


Happy Easter

Holidays can sometimes put a lot of pressure on individuals. Travelling through busy airports and train-stations, being struck in traffic on long distance travel. Meeting with family just because it’s a tradition to meet with family members on holidays, when otherwise there is not much contact or much in common. 51 more words


Together may both of us be protected.  Together may both of us be nourished.  Together may we work with great energy.  May our study together be brilliant and effective.   315 more words



oscar’s everyday adventures in life

In an earlier post I introduced ‘Oscar-the-dog’ and promised further tales about his everyday adventures in life. Here’s what happened on 8 March 2005. 2,150 more words


the chord that struck

“too much of a good thing ,won’t be good for long

although you made my heart sing,

to stay with you would be wrong,

too much of a good thing won’t be good anymore,

10 more words

how yoga makes motherhood manageable

Reading this article today got me thinking and more importantly feeling. It is truly incredible and beyond any words I could write the depth and bigness of emotions I have experienced in motherhood. 488 more words