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Expect more from yourself than others,
Expectations from others hurt a lot,
While expectations from yourself inspires a lot….

Speak 5 lines to yourself every MORNING:

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Listen for the beating of your heart in distant lands.  That is where happiness lays; under the rock always left unturned.  Go out, follow, and learn.   38 more words

monday mantra

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Deep breaths, Mondays are always the worst.



Mantra Meditation - Instrument of the Mind

Meditating using Mantras is one of the most popular methods of meditation. Now, I am not one for chanting, wearing beads and burning incense sticks. It just isn’t me! 441 more words


up and out of the way

It’s critical when you hold a position, especially a more senior one, that you learn what you are there to learn, do what you are there to do and then GET OUT OF THE WAY. 68 more words