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Georgia Aqurarium

A few months back, I spent the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia for my Uncles memorial service. I took a few extra days to enjoy a city I had never visited before. 159 more words


Coral Bay, Western Australia

Coral Bay is a tiny coastal town located 152.6km South of Exmouth and 1,139.4km North of Perth, this place is definitely one of a kind and visiting it should go straight on your bucket list let me explain why. 881 more words


A giant manta ray rams into me head first

This giant manta ray collides with me head first as it swims past. It truly was not afraid of me. This is when I decided that I had seen enough mantas for the night… 14 more words


My extremely close encounters with giant manta rays at night

Snorkeling excursion in Hawaii at night in open waters to see giant oceanic manta rays. The manta rays are friendly, and get extremely close as they feed on plankton. 21 more words


The lost art of elephant stacking

OK, so┬áhere’s a question. And don’t page down until you’ve got an answer, you sneaky reader, you.

If you wanted to stack up a tower of as many of one type of animal as possible, which animal would you choose… 532 more words

Ellie Talkin' Trash

Welcome everyone! I am very excited to introduce you to my new research project that I will undertake as a PhD study supported by Murdoch University, Western Australia in conjunction with the… 41 more words

Deal 168: Gullible Fish

The fish had a plan. The fish always had a plan. But the octopus knew that sooner or later the fish’s plan was going to require his help. 550 more words