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Guest blogger Rebecca Makkai takes on “Literary Mansplaining”


Rebecca Makkai is the author of two novels, The Borrower (2011) and The Hundred-Year House (2014), as well as many short stories and essays. The latter has just been published in paperback, and is highly recommended. 1,377 more words

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Everything wrong with feminism in eight minutes or less

The title of this post pretty much speaks for itself, but it is rather interesting to listen to how feminists talk about feminism. The feminists in this video make some interesting arguments, like if half of the population believes in something (as if feminists speak for all women) then it must be true. 23 more words


Jessica Valenti dishes on Jon "Missoula" Krakauer: A man writing about rape!

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum: Valenti: When a guy scoops a woman, it’s “mansplaining.”

Journalist Jon Krakauer writes a book about college rape, or at least college-town rape (

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10 Women Reveal What It's Like To Experience 'Mansplaining'

Last week the Everyday Sexism Project asked women to share their stories with the #everydaysexism hashtag. More than fifty thousand tweets documented the sexism and misogyny deeply ingrained into western culture, and gained a lot of attention. 1,647 more words

Blaming Anger to Ignore Legitimate Criticism

Identity politics in the United States is a testament to the human ability for self-blindness. Essentially the practice of identity politics boils down to “a particular social identity is considered good in itself” and then combined with “all actions therefore by true adherents of that very social identity are inherently good and right.” There are two central points to consider here: 1) actions themselves are not judged by merits but the association with a social identity and 2) by deeming only the actions of “true” adherents sacrosanct then anything contrary is removed from criticism and sets up an ideological aristocracy. 1,623 more words


Thanks but No Thanks: Mansplaining and Me

I still remember the first time I realised I was being mansplained at. Back then I was but a child and it was a long time until I learned the word ‘mansplain’ for what was happening to me (I eventually learned the term from… 850 more words