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Hello fellow MGTOWers. Today I wanted to share some interesting resources, that might be really useful for all of you.

First is the must-have book written by  418 more words


4. The Greatest Of These Is Love

One of the key components that is missing from many modern marriages is love. Now, I’m not talking about romantic love (although there doesn’t seem to be a lot of that going around either); no, I’m talking about Biblical love. 3,851 more words


A note on the manosphere


Occasionally, the “manosphere” and some of the other parties on the alt-Right have a dust-up. (Sometimes hilarity ensues.) The critiques that the reactionary and the traditionalist rightists register against the manosphere during these dust-ups are generally valid ones.

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Come to Fruition: From Online to Date to Threesome Part II

Earlier today I shared with you how I “planted the seed” for my first threesome. Basically for the dates, all you need is to not be weird, have a few drinks/weed (not necessary) and if the girl or girls are attracted to you, it’s basically smooth sailing from there. 1,856 more words


Single Women: Probably the Most Important Thing You Can Do, Is Become Emotionally Mature

Single women, probably the most important thing you can do in order to succeed in love and relationships, is to become emotionally mature.  I’m not coming from a preachy of place of “ 1,275 more words

Planting The Seed: From Online to Date to Threesome Part I

It all started with a message. Back on March 6th. All together it took me three days and seven messages to get her number. We’ll call her ‘Filly’ (because she’s Filipino). 1,207 more words