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Girls Hate Premature Sexual Attraction

This can be taken as dating advice, but it’s also meant to discourage guys from being date rapists.  Here are a few things I’ve noticed about women/girls: 465 more words


In STEM, women twice as likely to be hired as comparably qualified men


At ScienceInsider, Rachel Bernstein writes about a new study showing that a highly qualified woman applying for a tenure-track faculty position in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) at a U.S.

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Men vs. Women: Who Has It Harder?

When I was pretty young, I read a book that my mother gave me that changed the way I thought about men.  The Fascinating Girl… 787 more words

The manosphere wants to live the thug life.

Even among supposedly Christian men, there seems to be a great desire to live like the ghettoest of ghetto black men.  They seem to think ghetto black men in America have the sweetest deal and that their lives would be perfect if they could only live the thug life without the violent death risk. 127 more words


10. They Shall Be One Flesh

The first book in the Bible to talk about marriage is, as you might expect, the book of Genesis. When God created Eve and brought her to Adam, he said something fascinating. 2,940 more words


How to make any girl orgasm using two fingers

​This post will show you how you can make any girl* come using 2 fingers.

Let’s clarify before we go on that when I say ‘come’ I mean have a powerful vaginal orgasm with a high chance of squirting, NOT a clitoral orgasm (you can go advanced and do both at the same time). 551 more words