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Modern Society Conditions Men to be Weak

If you are a man who adheres to the culture and standards of today’s society, I feel very sorry for you. The reason I feel sorry for you is because you have been conditioned to live your life as a mindless, spineless chump. 421 more words

American Culture

What I Learned From Hot Girls

“You create your own universe as you go along.”
– Winston Churchill

As my standards increase, and as I spend my time around higher quality girls, a few things have become clear to me. 102 more words


Physical Beauty DOES NOT come in every size.

This is just absolutely insane.

The realms of political correctness and ass kissing apparently knows no bounds.

Apparently every woman is beautiful at every size and this woman has helped change the fashion industry’s standard of weight. 437 more words

Man gets fired from 100k job for "harassing" Sun reporter

This  link shows a group of men who were having a conversation with a news reporter after a soccer match. One of the men (not the man fired) said “Fuck her right in the pussy” (a popular internet meme) on the camera to the woman reporter. 332 more words

Submission... Is it really a dirty word?

When my husband and I were first married, we had a major problem… we had one car (his truck), and I couldn’t drive it.  It was a manual – a stickshift – something both my parents knew how to drive, but I hadn’t a clue.   1,644 more words

Manosphere Rising

Roosh was recently pilloried on the feckless Dr Oz’s show. Dr Oz is the sort of hack who practices pop medicine and has been criticized for often endorsing unscientific nonsense to the gullible masses. 710 more words


Marriage After The Resurrection

Will there be marriage after the Rapture? Most people say “No, of course not”, but I think there’s more to it than that. Despite what you’ve been told, the case against marriage after the resurrection is not as strong as it appears to be. 39 more words