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Is There Anything More Pathetic Than a Male Feminist?

If there is, I don’t know what it would be.

Turns out feminists don’t always take kindly to male feminists speaking out for them. I think the model is suppose to be that a feminist says something or makes a stand and all the male feminists are supposed to nod and proclaim “Yeah, what she said!” from the background like the good little yes men that they are. 188 more words

Political Correctness

The Oscars vs. the UFC

If you are a man and you watch the Oscars tonight instead of the UFC Fight Night, just go on and turn in your card. 21 more words


Single Men: STOP Playing the Hero

My husband and I were out with our family about a year ago, eating lunch at one of those fast food restaurants that have a playground inside.   1,266 more words

Status update

Hello readers,

Its been a while since my last post. And for good reason: I am nearing the end of my PhD! I have already done my defense, and I am *this* close to finalizing my doctorate officially. 838 more words

No turning back, loneliness and umbilical cord.

MGTOW is a one way road. You just can’t go back. It’s like taking LSD for the first time. You’ll never forget. This is clear enough. 1,209 more words


DCLLive's Old Tales of Ribaldry

~ I was twenty three years old. College. Goddamn beer. Her and her short chubby black friend had been flirting with me all night. It was just a matter of me choosing.

845 more words