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Quote of the Day

It seemed to me that any civilization that had so far lost its head as to need to include a set of detailed instructions for use in a package of toothpicks, was no longer a civilization in which I could live and stay sane.

—Wonko the Sane


Critical Thinking Vs. Being Critical

I often worry that I am too ready to be critical of others. When asking myself why that may be, I rationalize that people are encouraged to think critically and that this is seen as a good thing. 552 more words

Like A Lady

The Art of Tea & Conversation 

Summer Sessions: The ART of TEA and CONVERSATION begins this month! Have you reserved your spot?


Don't - Touch Someone with Your Dick-Hand

I went to the Hard Rock Casino last weekend. After a few drinks, I left my wife to go take a piss. The bathroom was packed. 312 more words


Sidewalk Royalty

Taking up room and walking side by side,
they inch closer like a stepping tide,
and as they confide and casually talk,
they appear to be the owners of this narrow sidewalk. 96 more words


Manners Maketh the Man

I drive my children to school. Luckily I share the morning trip with a friend and so I only do the early run one week out of two but I pick up every night, often twice. 638 more words