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Submission and the workplace

This morning Sir, my Other, had me submit to Him while i was at work.

Sir questioned me as to whether i was situated in a cubicle or out in the open in the office. 219 more words


So, How are You?

How many of us, when we’re greeted with, “Hi how are you?”… feel the need to simply say, “Fine thanks!”

For me it’s a split second decision I make. 218 more words


Etiquette And Equality Don't Always Benefit You, And That's Okay

I’ll start out by saying that feminism and equal rights are not the realm of “etiquette.” It is “good manners” to treat people with respect on a one-on-one basis, but systemic disenfranchisement is something far bigger than these rules and guidelines tackle. 473 more words


Daily Deed; Let someone go first.

Let someone go first today. It could be someone with not a lot to buy in the queue, or the first to walk on to the bus or train in front of you. 79 more words


Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (73)

In the theater, I just cannot buy it-

That you don’t have the manners, to be quiet.


When someone chews a bite of salad and tells you a story at the same time.

The Berenstein Bears Say Please & Thank You.

I grew up reading all the Berenstein Bears book. I learned a lot of life lessons from sister and brother bear. I was really excited when I had  the opportunity to review the new book… 104 more words