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The most enticing aspect of particle physics

What’s the most enticing aspect of Particle Physics?

Consider this. Till date we have discovered and actually found 100s of elementary or composite or subatomic or non atomic quantum mechanical particles. 618 more words


Addendum to Coriolis Force; Definition of Centripetal Force.

Hi **. First off I wanted to answer this earlier. So I apologize for giving a bit delayed answer. But I did think of giving you a suitable answer even while I was walking. 931 more words


Quantum Entanglement .. a short primer !

Quantum Entanglement.

To understand the concept of Quantum Entanglement one has to focus his telescope in taking a basic purview of what is a classical entanglement. 898 more words

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Learning by the skimp !

Learning by the skimp ! Because learning by the ocean is like swimming the ocean from one side to the another.

One can learn only by seeing the quantum. 160 more words

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How did we invent sex.

Something just occurs to me. We often do stuff so that we could get some pleasure remembering it. We don’t have to do stuff that are too hard. 238 more words

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Nobel Peace 2014.

A minor disagreement with the way Nobel Peace Committee chose to depict two large countries of the world, sounding like an arbiter for everything that would go here.

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How does the word saturnine derives !

How does the word saturnine derives ! if you care why words derive !

Saturnine might have had originated in the fact that Saturn’s Equinoxes are month long darkness (lack of sunshine for weeks altogether) as Saturn tilts away from sun (and toward sun) for 90 degree (Earth’s 23.44 degree only) ! 72 more words

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