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Common Types of Manipulation

Dr George Simon [blog], author of several best-selling books on psychopathy, has given descriptive labels to three manipulative tactics that all victims of narcissistic/psychopathic abuse are sure to recognize. 74 more words

Sociopathic Tactics

Apple Watch in the Shower?


Suzanne Coleman

Ok, this is really hilarious!  A day in the life with an Apple Watch, watch it here:


After I watched this hilarious video, I wanted to send a quick note to Joanna who put this video report together but I couldn’t figure out how to reach her.   105 more words

Apple Watch

5 Things I've Learned About Cats

In February 2011, I went to the SPCA to “just look” at the cats. I’d been considering adoption for awhile, but wasn’t sure I was ready to commit. 1,010 more words

fake a big smile

Hello my fellow world wide net surfers,

How do I even begin to explain what I’ve been going through? I guess I’ll start with a warning: I’m sad. 887 more words

The Not-So-Good Ol' Days

Unexpected turn of events - John jone

The letter was sitting inconspicuously on my desk. The silent purr of my desktop as it whirled to life seemed to give me pleasure. The time was 8 a.m. 668 more words


Manipulators and Charm

Dr. George Simon 13 Jun 2014 

Skilled manipulators can be quite seductive and charming. Still, I confess readily in my book In Sheep’s Clothing that when I first began my clinical research, I wondered how the victims of covert-aggressors could be so blind to their manipulator’s true character without having a lot of issues of their own.   42 more words


Deceptive and Manipulative 'No good deed goes unpunished': I, me and myself

I, me and myself have many roles to balance.  I’ has the responsibility of maintaining the perfect structure of ‘the good’ girl/kid.  Me’ wonders where she fits and what her future looks like once I’ has completed the tasks set before her.   1,026 more words