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Monotonous Monochrome

So it seems there’s a reason I don’t do this type of monochrome colouring very often, and that’s because it’s a look I don’t really like! 127 more words

Nail Art

Nail Favorites

Lovie Dovie / Fiji / Cute as a Button / Cajun Shrimp / Bikini So Teeny

I have saved SO much money by giving myself my own manicures my whole life – to the point where I can’t even rationalize spending money on something I can do myself pretty well and pretty quickly (practice makes perfect!). 102 more words


Post-Gel Manicure Nail Repair

Fake nails, overlays and the latest gel no-flake polishes. These are all of the beauty nail addictions that many of us falter to. I mean let’s face it, whats better than a polish that doesn’t chip and nails that hardly break? 382 more words

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Make Up Gallery Time to Shine Quick Dry Nail Colours

These are the Make Up Gallery Time to Shine Quick Dry Nail Colours – some of the latest beauty offerings from budget-friendly 156 more words


Getting Springy With It

Hello Everyone! Who can tell me what song gave me the idea for the title?

Time for some bright springy colors! I’m doing a quick weekend switch-aroo with a few bright colors, because I feel worse than crappy, when you think you’ve escaped cold season, nope it creeps up on you. 94 more words


Tooth And Nail

You’re lightly grazing your nails along the length of my achingly hard cock. Holding my balls in your other hand, tracing over the tight skin, reaching the most sensitive point, making me twitch with the need for you to coax my come from me. 420 more words


Zoya's Dream, and Cinderella Film Review!

Happy Friday!

Today’s nail polish is a Zoya must have. Here is Dream, a deep blue scattered holographic –

Blue color lovers will love… 330 more words

Nail Polish