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Self Love 

What is the process of recovery? What is it to receive treatment, or go into treatment for your “recovery?” In my Journey, I don’t think I’ve even ever seen it as that. 537 more words


O.K., Wild One!

Okay, so maybe “wild” isn’t the right word.  Hypomania?  Mania, even?  What started out as just some “really great” feelings has evolved into something more.  I’m not sleeping but three or four hours a night, and those hours aren’t all at one time.  315 more words


Me the quintessential bad guy 

Ugg. That’s been how I’ve been feeling lately. I’m still having issues with my aunt that is so narcissistic that it’s not even funny. Yes I understand she too has bipolar disorder. 261 more words


Soul of discretion..

The dilemma getting an upper edge
In my brain was powered enough
To make me go hysterical for wanderlust
For a very long time;
The dreams kept selling me… 122 more words


JULY 6 2015

Tired of mind games, especially when it’s my mind playing fucking games on me. Drugs ~ FUCKIN need ’em, don’t want ’em! Can’t win