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Amy vs Fruit: It takes two to mango (JK JK I’m forever alone)

Part one: mango no. 5

In case you were wondering: yes that’s a Lou Bega joke, don’t pretend you didn’t love it. The 90s are cool right now. 716 more words


Naughty or Nice (part 1)

Most people compose their Naughty or Nice List before the winter holidays to determine who is going to get presents. I make my list in the summer to decide who will get precious mangos from my trees. 186 more words


Mango Pinwheel sandwhich

Mango Pinwheel Sandwhich

Ingredients :

1 bread slice


1 Mango slices very thin

pinch of salt

chaat masala or jam optional


1. Cut the edges of the bread slice. 42 more words


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