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Just one little year... How hard can that be? ;-)

A long time ago in a far away land…..

“The third and final thing for now is probably the most relevant and it’s the reason I will be writing to you a lot more over the coming months, as part of my bridal fitness campaign I have decided to participate in the #365 Running Streak, basically for the next year (and beyond…) I will run a mile (or more on good days) a day, I know that some miles will be more challenging than others,  but this is something I really want to do, and I have two fantastic reasons, I want to look awesome in my wedding dress (obvs) the second is I am also raising money for Cancer Research, so dig deep and sponsor me :-) it’s for an amazing cause…….”  265 more words

Bowels of the Earth

I went out shopping for shoes yesterday. It was a bank holiday so town was packed. A while ago I discovered a new parking space bang in the center by all the shops, just up a backstreet off the main street. 280 more words

UCI BMX Supercross | 2015 Manchester | Trans World Sport

Trans World Sport report on the opening round of the 2015 UCI BMX Supercross from Manchester where the big winners were Liam Phillips and Caroline Buchanan… 52 more words


How was it?

Somehow you’ve come home and found you have no ingredients for a traditional meal. So you throw everything together, fry, roast, slice, mash and blend it all together to form some fusion hybrid dish. 282 more words


Theatre in the northern power house

Maxine Peake in Sarah Frankcom’s Hamlet, Royal Exchange Theatre, 2014

The northern powerhouse at HOME – the civic status of theatre in the wake of regional devolution… 1,310 more words

Arts And Culture

1867 – Michael Barrett from Kesh, Co Fermanagh is executed for his part in the explosion at Clerkenwell Gaol.

The last man to be publicly hanged in England, Irishman Michael Barrett was executed for his part in the 1867 bombing of Clerkenwell Prison, an attack carried out by The Fenians as they tried to help a prisoner escape. 267 more words

Irish History