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「パスワード管理ツールのパスワード」を忘れたらどうなるの? [ #cbajp ]




Go Mobile or Go Home Andy Calloway

It’s already been well reported that Google is about to start to take more notice of whether a website works well on mobile or not. This change has been on the cards for some time, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Google will now promote those sites that work well on smaller screens. 373 more words


Why Senior Management Teams Fail

Why Senior Management Teams Fail

Senior Management Teams may work well, drive the business forward and set the path for the organisation but often fail to achieve their collective full potential because of a number of common factors. 238 more words


「Microsoft Azure+StorSimple」期間限定特価キャンペーン開始 ~マイクロソフトの提案するハイブリッド データ マネジメントをお得にスタート~ [ #cbajp ]

アセンテック株式会社は、マイクロソフトの提供する「クラウド統合ストレージソリューション」である『StorSimple』について、6月30日までの期間限定で「Microsoft Azure」と組み合わせて大幅な割引価格にて提供するお得な「Microsoft Azure+StorSimple」キャンペーンを実施します。



Location, Location, Location! How to Put User Geography Into Play for Your Mobile App Carter Rogan

Mobile customers are on-the-go. With 74% of smartphone owners claiming to use their devices to get information or directions specific to their location, it seems that a latent understanding of where you are has become something we expect from our mobile devices and the services which run on them. 625 more words


Managing stress before it affects your health

(CNN) — How you react to stressful situations can determine whether it will lead to a variety of problems. Those potential problems include headaches, overreacting, even an increased risk of heart attack, but stress can be managed and put under control. 230 more words


Being a master of multi tasking....or perhaps not

We are always connected and always online. The accessibility to data and information from the small device in our pocket is just incredible. The number of apps provided this information or carrying out focused and specific tasks is always growing too. 779 more words