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The Art of Effective Communication

Have you ever had a heated conversation with your significant other and felt that the conversation was getting nowhere close to resolving itself? Have you ever wondered why some people are unable to understand the message that you are trying to put out despite clear instructions? 573 more words

Collaborating with GitHub

The final stage of development in GitHub for Web Designers is Collaborating with GitHub . This area covers, Adding collaborators, Adding commit comments, Adding a new issue, Managing issues, Working as a collaborator, Creating a pull request and Managing pull requests.


Exploring: Managing the Building Process

The next stage of development of Agile Project Management is Exploring: Managing the Building Process. This area covers, Controlling without interfering with the build, Managing constructive collaboration and Managing issues and risks.


How To Resize Image Using Native Microsoft Paint

Simple tips about how to take screenshots quickly on your Windows PC. Follow the video tutorial for more info.

You can also subscribe at YouTube channel… 6 more words


Commit to Serving

Welcome back to the internet home of Wil Lane Ministries. We are excited that you stopped by to read the blog, watch the videos, or listen to the messages. 616 more words

10 Tips to Tame ADHD

When you have ADHD you struggle with things that come naturally or at least with little effort to the average person. Most people think of someone with the disease as being simply too hyper, maybe too high strung, but those who have it know it’s a much larger struggle than having too much energy. 816 more words


How to Manage Browser Cookies for Better Privacy

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota

Want to clear your browser of all cookies stored locally on your computer? Cookies, sometime called web cookies or tracking cookies, are small pieces of text sent by a server to a web browser and then sent back by the client every time it accesses that server. 954 more words