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Another Hubbert's peak find

I am wearing out on the oil and gas finds and the proposed reserves that repudiate the Hubbert’s peak and Malthusian pretenses of the enviros and the fanatic misanthropes. 26 more words


Jupiter Ascending : The Olympians 2.0

WW~Notes:  I have to say I am a huge Sci-fi fan mainly because in most films even modern day ones there is little to no sexual situations and very little raw language.  2,000 more words

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8 existential panics for our times

You can read this blog post at SCMP.COM –


There’s plenty of evidence out there, if you can be bothered to Google, say, “world becoming safer”, that – just so – the world is becoming safer. 718 more words


Introduction to Cornucopianism and Malthusianism

Cornucopianism is the belief that, basically, technology that we haven’t invented yet will solve all of our problems with pesky things like scarcity and physics, and that the more people to invent and use all of that new technology, the better. 1,041 more words


The Little Divergence

Summary : A “great divergence” between the economies of Western Europe and East Asia had unambiguously occurred by 1800. However, there’s a growing body of opinion that this was preceded by a “little divergence” (or “lesser divergence”?) which might have started as early as 1200.  3,536 more words

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Height in the Dark Ages

( This is was originally part of the blogpost “The Addendum to The Little Divergence“. I’ve now cut that post into two. This half concerns the evidence for Malthusianism based on height in Europe in the years 1-1800, with a focus on the European “Dark Ages” . 578 more words

Economic History

Voices in the Wilderness

Why Does the World Still Ignore 2.6M Stillborn Children Every Year?

Posted on | May 20, 2014 

By Susan Yoshihara, Ph.D.

Turtle Bay and Beyond…

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