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What is Malpractice? The Basics of California Law.

Malpractice is when a professional seriously messes up… or something like that.

In order to be guilty of malpractice you must be a professional in your field, for example doctors, nurses, and lawyers are often the target of a malpractice suit. 400 more words


My Stillbirth Story

When I was about eighteen, I had an abortion in my first trimester. Afterwards, I felt bad and vowed to never have another abortion. At that time, I considered the baby to be an nonliving embryo. 816 more words


Welcome to the California Litigation Law Blog

This blog is meant to be used as a resource for all consumers, and employees that live in the great state of California.

Everyday, thousands of people are effected by the decisions of others, whether it be negelagence, discrimination, misclassification at work, car accidents, stolen wages, slander or dog bites. 126 more words

Personal Injury

We don't mean to concern you but!

I present to you just another example of why all my medical friends should spend more time training and less time at all their Gala Balls. 467 more words

Comedy Writing

Dying to Have a Baby: A True Story

Check out this book on Goodreads: Dying to Have a Baby: A True Story http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22281544-dying-to-have-a-baby

I just learned about this book today. It is about the 2001 medical malpractice trial of Dr. 47 more words


How Telemedicine Can Kill You - Forbes

The risk with all telemedicine is substandard, incomplete care.  Telemedicine should be a supplement to, but not a substitute for comprehensive medical care.  Can it kill you?   496 more words


NYC Medical Malpractice: Doctors Must be Held to High Standard of Care

Melissa Rivers, daughter of comedienne and television host Joan Rivers, has filed a lawsuit for malpractice on behalf of her mother. In the lawsuit, Ms. Rivers alleges that Dr. 130 more words