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Medical Malpractice Attorneys and Medical Negligence

10 Things you should know about Medical Malpractice Attorneys and Medical Negligence
There is endless information out there about what to do when you have been the victim of medical negligence, but not everyone tells you about the all the legal aspe…


6 ways  to help your doctor avoid a malpractice suit – part 1

In the March 2015 issue of Medical Economics, attorney Richard Baker wrote,

“Being sued for malpractice, especially for the first time, can be an unsettling and frustrating experience for a physician.” … 661 more words

Practice Of Medicine

Anesthesiologist trash-talks sedated patient — $500K worth!

Sitting in his surgical gown inside a large medical suite in Reston, Va., a Vienna man prepared for his colonoscopy by pressing record on his smartphone, to capture the instructions his doctor would give him after the procedure.

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Libor scandal deepens at Deutsche Bank

The Times Robert Miller

Published at 12:01AM, June 27 2015

Senior management at Deutsche Bank acted “negligently” over the fixing of Libor rates, Germany’s financial watchdog concluded in a report. 128 more words

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Free Report: Louisiana Medical Malpractice Claims

When you are ill or injured you undoubtedly turn to a doctor, or other healthcare provider for help treating your injury or illness. Sometimes, however, a healthcare provider actually causes an injury or illness. 103 more words

KevinMD.com: Following evidence-based guidelines won't protect you from malpractice

75% of physicians in low-risk specialties such as pediatrics, and 99% of physicians in high-risk surgical specialties will face a malpractice claim by the age of 65 according to a 2011 study in the… 370 more words

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