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Playboy's Big Payout Leads to Legal Malpractice Suit

The finger pointing world of litigation leaves no one safe, not even attorneys.  Playboy Enterprises Inc. filed a complaint April 17th in Los Angeles state court claming that Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP committed malpractice by not advising it to settle a retaliatory-firing lawsuit. 179 more words


Online Grieving

In Judaism the most serious loss is the loss of a parent. Those who incur this loss go through a year of mourning, called Shneim asar chodesh, which exceeds the second-longest period of mourning, Sloshim, which lasts thirty days but is not as strict as Shiva, a seven day period of mourning that is customary (or required depending on your adherence to Halacha, or Jewish law) that occurs after the burial of anyone who has died where the bereaved must follow special rules and are to be comforted, prayed for, and brought food (what Jewish tradition would not involve food!). 1,124 more words

Who was the "poor historian", eh? According to Mount Auburn Hospital.....

They gave me Mellaril in the hospital in 1983. I got tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) from it. I was told this was not an allergy but an “unpleasant reaction.” I was told to not take it again if offered, though. 884 more words

so you've been sued! what to expect now

Adapted from Brazeau C. Coping with the Stress of Being Sued. Fam Prac Manag. 2001; 8(5):41-44

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The summons is often the first clue for most physicians that he or she is being sued. 622 more words


Trusted Manhattan Medical Malpractice Lawyers Care for Urgent Care

Illnesses, even the smallest or the most minor of them, are often unforeseen and unpredictable, and may need immediate attention from a physician. This is where urgent care services come in: in the absence of your physician or doctor, urgent care services are given the authority to perform the most basic laboratory or x-ray services to tend to a patient’s minor injuries and ailments. 36 more words

Hire an NYC Medical Malpractice Attorney When Plastic Surgery Goes Bad

Plastic surgery has become quite popular nowadays; in the United States alone, you can expect 15.1 million cosmetic procedures happening in a single year. No matter how cosmetic a procedure is, however, it is still a medical procedure and there is a chance of a mistake happening. 69 more words

NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer: Making a Strong Case on Nursing Error

When people think of malpractice cases, they usually think only doctors are subject to it. Medical malpractice, however, covers all medical professionals and if your nurse was neglectful in their care of you and it led to serious harm, you can file a malpractice claim against them. 32 more words