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“Can a Phone Mistress Truly Effectively Feminize and Dominate Me?”: An Introduction To Virtual Feminization

Does Virtual Feminization Actually Work?

Absolutely! …And I have almost a decade of success stories to support its efficacy and ability to benefit and change the lives of sissies, crossdressers, and a wide range of transgender (both transsexual and not) individuals for the better. 584 more words



That look she gets

Her hand gripping my cock

Like she’d devour me whole if it were possible

Instead, she’ll settle for taking me – one piece at a time

Male Submission

The Pedestal Effect

What’s wrong with placing someone on a pedestal?

For those involved in bedroom-only D/s, this question is likely either abstract or a non-starter, but for those into lifestyle D/s or TPE, it is as concrete as it is complicated. 566 more words


Authentic Worship

“Do you have any requests, boy?” she asked. “Anything you want bad?”

She posed the question during s a brief lull in what was shaping-up to be a long evening of bondage, booze, and kinky sex. 1,361 more words


Why's This Clip so Hot?

The clip begins: He’s naked on hands and knees next to a wall-length mirror. His cock and balls bound with rope, attached to a suspended jug of water. 628 more words

Male Submission

How Can a Feminization Mistress Help You?

Inviting the Girl In You Out of the Pink Closet

You know she’s in there, and you know she wants out more than anything in the world. 597 more words


Vulnerability Enacted

Stripped naked, collared, on my hands and knees, in the center of a large bed. The room is well-lit, cool, and silent.

She sits with her back against the headboard, knees drawn to chest, studying me. 355 more words