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She Might Want to...

Horny is my usual condition, but the entire day had been one of craving and want. I was distracted and frustrated throughout the afternoon but got five hours worth or writing done just the same. 1,861 more words


Stammer & Burn

Whiskey, profanity, and amphetamines drip, her
mouth to mine:  splayed, bound – burning
to stammer truth between parted lips,
gasping, lapping – each tiny thrust
begs into her


Consent, Femdom and Fucking Up

Consent is everything.  It makes what we do what we do.  If my sub consents to jumping down a well and rubbing the lotion on his skin, it’s a hot Friday night.  1,627 more words


On Perpetual Frustration & Denial

Perusing sites dedicated to male submission, I’ve noticed quite a few dedicated to Cuckoldry. It seems like this frustrated flavor of kink is becoming more popular, but this observation is purely anecdotal. 758 more words


Lifestyle Power Exchange & Vulnerability

The more experience I gain with lifestyle BDSM, the more I crave it. The obsession, the lust, the intensity, and the intimacy, even the complicated and conflicted feelings: I want it all. 606 more words


On Alpha Female Dominants & Compatability

Dominant, self-assured women are sexy. Add intelligence and kink to the mix and they become irresistible. Unsurprisingly, there are a number of forums on BDSM sites dedicated to ‘Alpha Females’. 228 more words


A Brief History of Me

I’ve been involved in BDSM since I was fifteen. My first significant experience was being seduced by a dominant woman in her thirties. This experience rocked me to the core and shaped a big part my sexuality. 447 more words