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Sarah Silverman Hurts Folks' Man Feelings With Humorous "Rape Prevention Tips"

The always hilarious comedienne Sarah Silverman is back in the news, this time for hurting the precious feelings of anti-feminist men. Silverman’s crime was sharing a list… 606 more words


Feminists Bemoan Lack Of Real Men, And Ask Themselves, Where Have All The Men Gone?

By Julia Stanton

Men today don’t know how to act around women. They don’t have any confidence around women. What’s wrong with men today? Increasingly progressive women are asking themselves this question. 1,994 more words


Anarchy in the UK

What is anarchism and why was I so afraid initially to vocally identify as one? Perhaps it had something to do with the image I’d had constructed for me, angry Sex Pistols spitting into their microphones as they rasped menacingly about the queen (fair enough, actually), the same sex pistols I’d associated with racism cos punks were as scaring looking as the skinheads when you’re a brown girl trying to make sense of white subculture but are too afraid to ask just in case they do turn out to be a paki bashing neo Nazi.   1,048 more words


Literary SJW's: Don't read stuff written by straight white cisgender males like Shakespeare

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Activist H. Tempest Bradford: Do not buy this book by this heterosexual white man

The idea got its first big publicity boost from by H.

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Feminism Fraud - The Myth of Male Privilege and Gender Inequality Exposed

Mark Dice, Mar 2015

Feminism is a Fraud – The Myth of Male Privilege and Gender Inequality Exposed. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Click “Like” “Favorite” and sound off in the comments. Mark Dice is a…

Time: 08:09


Twitter Mourns the Death of Evolutionary Biologist and Mansplainer Richard Dawkins

Today I would like to announce with great sadness the passing of a scientific and cultural icon. Richard Dawkins — the prominent evolutionary biologist, evangelical atheist, … 151 more words