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Gamergate and the Inadequacy of Twitter

(Originally posted on Tumblr)

I wasn’t sure which blog to use for this. Typically I use my WordPress version of HoA but somehow tumblr seemed more appropriate. 540 more words


Sexism, Stereotypes, and Sixties Psychology

Ohhh, there’s a fun combination, right? Psychology was still really just getting to its feet in the 1960s, finally becoming a (fairly) respected field of study, and strides were being made in terms of making it more scientific and medicalized. 569 more words

Street Harassment

Disclaimer: There are swears in this post. I tried to edit them out, but they are what really express my feelings. I apologize in advance. 722 more words

Life And All The Rest

Can we stop complaining about "check your privilege" already?

This morning I saw this tweet from Jacobin magazine:

Focusing on privilege diverts attention away from the real villains. https://t.co/AgOlDISt1m pic.twitter.com/1DejltpS3q

— Jacobin (@jacobinmag) April 11, 2015…

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Social Movements

Male Privilege III: #NotAllMen Rides Again

This has not been the best of mornings. I woke up with a migraine from disturbing dreams of Merpeople and violent dismemberment, set against a dark background of… 1,775 more words


Return of Kings Writer: 'Game' Could Have Prevented Andreas Lubitz From Committing Mass Murder

Following in the footsteps of Vox Day, Donovan Sharpe of Return of Kings wrote that “game” — that is, seduction techniques used by pickup artists to sleep with women — … 866 more words