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Humans Attempt to Ignore HCS Citizen Existence, Protest When Bitten

Just a mere six months after the Protection from the Undead law was signed into effect by the new President H. J. Johnson after the first Homo Coprophagus Somnambulus (HCS) citizen was discovered, a disturbing new trend has been observed amongst the homo sapiens of the world, known colloquially as humans. 697 more words

Entitlement To The Female Body

Entitled Men Everywhere: Stop Eating Our Food

Whether they’re spreading their legs on the subway, criticizing our bodies, physically abusing us or paying us less for equal work, entitled men everywhere continue to assume we are small and find ways to make us smaller. 508 more words


Examining Feminist Disunity

This past Sunday saw the 87th academy awards come and go, and by far the most defining aspect of the night were the many inspiringly political speeches given by the award winners themselves. 865 more words

Sexual Harassment as a Junior Marine: My Personal Experience

I want to start off by saying, I love the Marine Corps.  Honestly, I do.  Some of the information I am sharing today will not convey this message.   259 more words

Male Privilege

On MRAs: Male Privilege

This is the fifth essay in a series about Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs). You can check out parts one, two, three, and… 1,036 more words

Social Justice

The Divergent Online Experiences of Women from Men

Today I had reason to check the ‘other’ message tab on a Facebook account that I have.  I, in all honesty, had forgotten I had an ‘other’ folder (since about 2013 or so).   733 more words


Make Privilege: The Male (My) Perspective

I’m not going to lie. Part of the reason I was always fine with being a boy was because of male privilege. I didn’t know what that meant till more recently. 1,117 more words

Gender Identity