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Objectification by the Male Gaze or Celebrating Female Empowerment?

Recently, a new trend in popular culture has emerged: the celebration of the female body, as well as the autonomy females have over their own bodies. 3,237 more words


Women Are Satire

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. The frat boy who got himself in a whole lotta trouble (and has some serious ‘splainin’ to do) has decided to come forward with what is possible the weakest excuse in the history of weak excuses. 853 more words

Men of OKC: Hasty Decisions

I have all current photos up on my OKC profile. None of them are more than a year old. None of them are of me wearing makeup. 519 more words


Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (The Male Gaze), (1975) - Laura Mulvey

Originally Published – Screen 16.3 Autumn 1975 pp. 6-18 

Peeping Tom

I. Introduction A. A Political Use of Psychoanalysis

This paper intends to use psychoanalysis to discover where and how the fascination of film is reinforced by pre-existing patterns of fascination already at work within the individual subject and the social formations that have moulded him. 5,753 more words


Ahh finals and life are making me neglect

I will be better with this blog this summer.

But, I’m excited to be writing my final paper for an advertising class about the Male Gaze and whether or not American Apparel ads objectify or celebrate the female. 14 more words



A courtyard of gray cobblestone bloomed at the center of the hotel. A woman spun at the center in a sari, slowly unwinding the cloth around her body, her breasts exposed first. 306 more words

Aging Popstar: Sia and the Desire for Anonymity

Sia’s been making waves with her new album and the videos for it, which featured not Sia herself, but a 12-year-old dancer in a nude leotard among other things. 887 more words