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The Naked Gun

Sooo, Paris Fashion week happened and some full-frontal nudity happened on the catwalk. Models at the menswear show strutted their stuff with their junk on full display. 722 more words

Let's Have a Jello Fight

It’s a common image – two women wrestling and creating large amounts of sexual tension for a male audience. Lesbians, as a whole, are sexualized by men. 664 more words


The Female Gaze

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the female gaze and why it is so unarticulated in our society. I’ve been thinking about how our lives, as women, are so dominated by the male gaze that it is almost beyond articulation. 972 more words

bastow, wiseman & music theatre writing

here’s a hard one – how to critique industry opportunities that you’d clearly like to be a part of, and actually support, but have issue with, too? 873 more words


Immodest Proposals: Elephant in the room

I was thin as a kid. Always big for my age, but not chubby. Then I hit puberty and got wider before I got taller. Stretch marks etched into my thighs, my face rounded, and I felt thick and overstuffed and elephantine. 928 more words


Monday's Movie Musings: Sex in film or, why I won't be seeing Fifty Shades of Grey.

This Valentines weekend saw the release of the this year’s biggest and most controversial film so far; an adaptation of EL James’ ‘erotic novel’, Fifty Shades of Grey… 1,282 more words