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There Is No Conspiracy

The Atlantic picked up on a very interesting conversation going on in a small corner of the internet a few weeks back. The conversation was sparked as a debate amongst university students around sexual harassment—always a controversial topic that inspires heated debates—and finally, was tempered by the perspective offered up by a professor. 701 more words

Sexism, victim-blaming, and leggings: Get em while they're young?

I want to quickly say something about this BS of victim-blaming at the ripe old age of 6 years old, and before these particular girls have presumably even become victims of anything. 498 more words

Social Commentary

Male Gaze & Tiaras at Chop Suey

Male Gaze are a group of males made up of former members of other bands: Matt Jones and Adam Finken of Blasted Canyons, Mark Kaiser from… 386 more words


I thought flirting was consent – it took me years to accept I’d been raped

To a passing stranger we might have looked like any young couple stumbling out of the club and into the “throes of passion” down an alley. 2,016 more words


A Note on Objectification (In Video Games, and in General)

I recently read a post titled Game Gals, posted by The Jones Rant. In it, the author discusses the notion of objectification in video games. 3,679 more words

Anita Sarkeesian

Woman has spots. Chairs meeting anyway.

I have spots.

They’ve been a part of my facial landscape since my teens. When aged about 13, a particularly spiteful Home Ec teacher (who I can only think took against me because of my incompetence around a Victoria Sponge) suggested to the class that spots like mine were the product of poor hygiene and could easily be prevented by washing. 1,206 more words