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How can I not love my campus with such amazing events?! Being in University of Essex for about 5 months, I feel nothing more than so blessed to be part of it. 265 more words


Representing Malaysia, 140 Characters at a Time

First of all, a little housekeeping announcement: For 2015, I have decided to write on TWELVEtwenty-three at least once a fortnight in accordance with one of my new year’s resolutions (which for some reason also include getting an iPhone 6 and planning a trip to Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts). 463 more words

Tangential Rants

Nicole Allissonā™„ Nightmare in Paris- I went to Jail (Part II)

Nicole Allissonā™„ Nightmare in Paris- I went to Jail (Part II).

i got this from the facebook page of one of my cousins.

it looks like malaysians are suspects now because it is a islamic country. 287 more words

The mud street

It has been a week since the catastrophic flood affects the east peninsular states especially Kelantan which at its worst. Its aftermath is totally ‘awful’ as there have been many destruction and most of the possessions were washed away. 246 more words


Respect For Parents in Malaysia

While hiking at Bukit Putih, Cheras on New Year’s Day I came across this poster nailed to a tree in the forest.

Respect for parents and for the elderly comes naturally to Malaysians and is something which many western countries could learn from. 17 more words


Let your children chase their own dreams!

I mooted the idea of writing a commentary about Malaysian parents, especially Chinese Malaysians wanting to dictate the fields of studies for their offspring way back in January 2014. 1,558 more words