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Lotsa Firsts in Malaysia

This is my third time to visit Malaysia. I must admit that everytime I am here, I’m lucky enough to still experience and see new things. 461 more words

Hodge Podge

Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, Grounding System Specialist - Malaysia

Protec Power Solution is an experienced company that able to provide a full solution for your lightning and surge related issues. We will be able to provide our customer with cost effective solutions related to the lightning, surge and grounding issues. 268 more words


Insurans, Takaful & Melayu

Apabila sebut pasal insurans, ramai kalangan kita khususnya orang Melayu dan Islam gemar merujuk pada istilah ‘rezeki ada di mana-mana’ dan setiap seorang telah ditentukan rezeki masing-masing. 490 more words


Happy Chinese New Year!

People will tell you that visiting Malaysia is like experiencing three countries in one due to the significant Chinese, Indian and Malay populations. It has been awesome to experience the blend of these ethnicities that have created a truly unique and rich Malaysian culture. 692 more words


Is Islam suppressing Malaysia's Freedom of the Press?

Malaysia has a Muslim majority and yet its government operates as a democratic constitutional monarchy equipped with elections. When political commentator Bill Maher repeatedly bashed Islam for its collective violent oppressing of women, homosexuals, and for its restrictions on press freedom, scholar Reza Aslan reprimanded Maher for what he claims were inaccuracies in an interview with CNN. 1,380 more words

2H Offshore To Deliver Lightweight Conductor-Supported Platform Offshore Malaysia

Dateline 2014-12-16, Oil and Gas Online:

2H Offshore, an Acteon company, will deliver a lightweight conductor-supported platform for EQ Petroleum Developments Malaysia Sdn Bhd for installation in the Tanjong Baram field, offshore Malaysia.

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Malaysia's Prevention of Terrorism Bill

Having just read the news about the our Home Minister’s proposal Bill on the Prevention of Terrorism, I can’t help but to be worried. It’s late, there is no coherence in my thoughts (I’ll follow up on this as the issue grows) so, bear with me. 322 more words