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My First Bad Boyfriend

I was thinking about what to write next for a few hours. I have a list of topics but I can’t always remember where the list is. 1,132 more words

A ramble about making out and sleep and stuff

My date last night went well. Picked up J3, went to her place, watched a movie, made out for a bit, went home. I like J3, she’s very pretty and fun to be around – it’s a bit weird ’cause she’s taller than me, but I’m not going to make the mistake of over-investing my feelings this early. 630 more words

How To Have Your First Kiss

Thinking of your first kiss or about to even have your first kiss can be daunting and yes the obv’s Scary much! but don’t worry that’s why… 798 more words


Introduction to Joss

When I was 21 and for some years after that, my best friend was a short busty girl named Joss. Joss and I were inseparable as we liked getting into the same kind of trouble. 860 more words

A Kiss is Just a Kiss.

…(except when it isn’t)

I love to kiss.

Making out is one of my favorite things on this planet.
What is it about kissing that intrigues and delights me so? 807 more words


Stump - Friday Fictioneers

Genre: Dark Humor (100 words)


“We can’t call the cops. My fingerprints are all over it,” Ray said. He waved the butchered arm around like it was a sparkler. 158 more words



Asexual: (adj) without sexual feelings or associations

Tommy was a dynamo.

He was one of my friends from high school, who was constantly interested in making out with girls, and was willing to go almost anywhere to do so. 321 more words