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Had a friend over who has seen this place many a time. They said that I have “less stuff” and I know that I do, but sometimes it’s hard to believe it when the house is still a mess! 438 more words

Making Home

It's the Little Things

Something got me yesterday. Some bug that is. The itching was driving me crazy, so I got out of bed this morning and climbed in the tub, just to stop the itch. 472 more words

Making Home

An Observation

One of the main categories of “stuff” here are long-term held things which have nowhere to be stowed when not in use!

To that end, I’ve been compiling lists of things which need “homes”: out of season bedding, garden equipment, etc. 308 more words

Making Home

Back to the House!

I spent a week working on the yard, this week’s focus is back on the house.

I expect to again be purging books like mad and other stuff. 304 more words

Making Home

Is DIY worth it? A Slightly Different Way to Decide

For example, take bread. Probably the cheapest way get a year’s worth of bread would be to grow your own grain, grind it into flour, use a DIY sourdough starter and then make bread as needed. 545 more words

Making Home

I have been looking and working at

food storage and planning what I want to plant/store/use this year. In the process I found that cleaning plan I’d made up last Fall. It occurred to meĀ  that the system of putting seasonal chores together by “level” combined with the plan I’d used two years ago, tracking the “daily 5″ etc. 512 more words

Making Home

So, Next?

The laundry is almost caught up.

The things I’d pulled out last week have been put in the attic. Some things have been pulled out of the attic as well. 452 more words

Making Home