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Because of the disasters, including our furnace, we’ve been burning up our wood supply, which is good. Not so good is that we were real close to using it UP this week. 264 more words

Making Home


One car needed its CV joint replaced, had the appt, it failed 3 days before that. About 2 days after we got it back, the other car developed a problem, check engine light running rough and all. 94 more words

Making Home


Some friends have asked us what it is like to visit the families we work with in their homes.  We thought these images convey more than we ever could. 65 more words


Been Working on the Living Room, some more

we need to paint it, next month. I’ve unpacked 4 boxes of books (about 200) in the past week. Many of them are gone, either to the antique booth or donated somewhere. 256 more words

Making Home

Ongoing and Herbal Frugality

I’m getting rid of stuff, amongst other things, like using stuff I already have. None of this is new, but I’m FINISHING things, and that IS. 319 more words

Making Home

Working On It

Okay, I’m trying to get where the house just gets cleaned and maintained (entirely different things I’ve discovered).

Cleaning something, really cleaning it, is what traditionally “Spring Cleaning” or other seasonal cleaning is for. 903 more words

Making Home

A "Free" Mortgage Payment?

“Family Food Supply” is the name of a pamphlet I got a while ago. This one is from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., 1934.

Okay, I’m a sucker for publications like this, I’ve confessed that already. 413 more words

Making Home