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Make an Entrance

Jesus Changed the Paralytic—not the Pharisees (Mark 2:1-12).

I hate crowds. I mean, people are handy—especially if they’re your friends and family. But when you get a bunch of them together, all trying to check out with their flat-screens or drive down the interstate to work or buy a burrito from Chipotle…that’s when it gets complicated. 1,326 more words


Student Ambassador Spotlight: Children in MENA

Each year, Student Ambassadors choose  an issue of global importance to educate their peers and take action. Here is one group’s story:

Our group chose to focus on children in the Middle East & North African for the global issue project. 506 more words

Making Change

The GrowHaus

I mentioned The GrowHaus (a nonprofit organization in Denver, CO) before. Today I wanted to delve more into this organization, perhaps highlight some of their best practices, and see exactly what they do, and, more importantly, why they’re good at what they do. 550 more words


Shoot Oop

Jesus Changed the Sick—not Satan’s Minions (Mark 1:21-45).

            “Be quiet!” I can’t tell you how many times in my childhood my Mother would use such a command. 1,267 more words


Chivalrous gentlemen? 

There has been a lot of group work involved in our sub-floor and marking out projects over the past couple of weeks, which has led me to ponder some interesting situations that I’ve found myself in. 1,268 more words

The Lady Tradie

Fishers of Fear

Jesus Changed the Fishermen—But Not for Long (Mark 1:1-20; 4:35-41; 6:45-56).

For our first changed characters, we go to a ragtag band of fishermen in a hillbilly town of Galilee. 1,102 more words