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Pushing and Pulling

Today I rode Bella and jumped one of the more involved courses I’ve ever done in terms of height and difficulty. It was fun and challenging. 591 more words

Horseback Riding

back to simple

Like my simple recipe for fitness:
Look down.
Two legs?
Use them.

We sometimes make excuses complicated when the solution is not.  (I will not say what soul-sapping task  I was doing just before I encountered this.) 15 more words

Getting Around

Woman With A Soul

Woman With A Soul


A heartfelt moment.

Having only her dreams.

Her love for people.

Some others may shatter.

Should she laugh?

Should she cry? 59 more words

eating for a better me

Changing eating habits has to be the hardest thing to do, for me anyhow.

I dunno, I guess there are people out there who find it easy. 392 more words

Day 1

A late post – I wrote this yesterday but in all my excitement didn’t post it properly! –

TAFE started today!

It was a pretty long day of sitting in a classroom (I’m out of practice at being a student!), but I came away happy with how it went. 30 more words

The Lady Tradie

going for a walk

Duck One : Fitness, or rather my unfitness as it were.

I am short and chubby. 153 cm, and 94 kg. This is not ok with me. 401 more words

Death Becomes Her (not him)

During our visit to New York we were lucky enough to catch the last couple of days of the Anna Wintour Costume Centre’s ‘Death Becomes Her – A century of mourning attire… 672 more words

Making Change