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A Change Is Gonna Come

I was quite fearless as a kid when it came to showcasing my creative endeavors. I would enter photography contests with individuals twice my age and not once feel like I didn’t belong. 821 more words


M Words on Monday...

Monday M Words…

Memories (which I love)

Memoirs…which I love to read

Milk Gravy….is so tasty

Monday Monday…Mamas & Papas :D

Mancala…love love love that game! 248 more words

My Bohemian Life

An adventure story

I’m not so great at this blogging thing (though I’ve heard blogging is dead, so maybe it doesn’t matter).

The thing is, I go through periods when I just want to be private. 788 more words



We spend most of our energies looking for a safe place when all we need is to be ready.

How does one become ready?

Make art. But art. Be art.

Being Art

Time for a new adventure!

Wow, it’s empty! Nothing like packing up your studio to make you face your inner pack rat…. Next comes couch surfing, followed by some travels, then a move to Vancouver. 14 more words


Peace Flags and Yoga

I have finished adding the color to another Peace Flag! Yay!! I love love love it!! I’ve drawn a second one too! I’ll start adding coloring to it soon. 309 more words

My Bohemian Life

Bundle Theory

We persist in life as a bundle of experiences, hoping that they unravel as something meaningful in the end.  For many of us, that’s just a bunch of words on a screen, that evoke nothing when read.  295 more words