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Halftime thoughts for #CreativeSprint

When midnight strikes tonight, I will be halfway through #CreativeSprint. This one-month challenge, compliments of Noah Scalin and Another Limited Rebellion, has drawn me back to the daily practice of making things. 672 more words

Being Creative


When I read about Make Something 365 started by Noah Scanlin, and his 365 Skulls project, I was inspired. I was ready to try it. I couldn’t wait. 313 more words


Making something every day DID change my life

Three-and-a-half months ago, I finished a year of making things. Guided by Noah Scalin’s wonderful book, 365: A Daily Creativity Journal, I succeeded in making something new. 508 more words

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Make Something: Birthday

My birthday is May 1 … just two days away.

I’m calling this year my halfway point. As I reach age forty-five, ninety seems a reasonable life expectancy—just a bit longer than my mom lived, but not so long as to be an oddity. 389 more words


Make Something: Extended Photo

Beyond the Edges

How interesting,
to stare
at a tightly
cropped photo
and wonder.

What was
in the space

Better yet,
to imagine.

What… 53 more words


Make Something: Bleached

“Work with bleach to make something by taking away color.”

I applied a few letter stickers to a swatch of brightly colored fabric, then spritzed the whole lot with a 50/50 mix of water and bleach. 39 more words

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365 Layers:Nine

Freestyle shaping: french sausage (basically with tarragon,parsley and spring onions) on croissant dough

365 Layers