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Guest Blog: Would You Post Your Space on Airbnb?

I’m excited to announce our first guest blogger: Jenna Loeser! After spending three years editing articles for an online educational resource company, Jenna is currently working in Peru as a copywriter (and making us all a bit jealous in the process). 439 more words

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Challenge Yourself To Avoid These 10 Frivolous Expenses For One Month

Did you know that simply by having one Starbucks coffee per day, five days per week, that you are spending over $1,000 per year? Just think about what else you could be doing with that money. 898 more words


5 Things We Should Spend More Money On, And 5 Things We Should Not

Imagine that you are sitting on the front porch of your house sipping lemonade with your family on a warm summer’s night. You sit back and reminisce with them about how you… bought the newest HG TV? 1,032 more words


10 Things You Should Stop Doing In 2015 To Save More

Was one of your New Year resolutions to save more money in 2015?  After the holidays most people’s bank balances are suffering, but the New Year can be a great time to get hold of your finances and put some money aside. 734 more words


How Do I Make Money With My Cash Freebies?

How Do I Make Money With My Cash Freebies?

First off if you have joined as a referral with My Cash Freebies Congratulations. You are now needed to finish offers from organizations. 535 more words

Get paid to go to Bonnaroo!

Apply for Job City: Manchester, TN Job Title: Special Events Staff



Support all areas in their security needs and be an integral part of the facility needs. 616 more words


7 Powerful Things Successful People Do At The End Of Each Day

There are a lot of habits successful people follow, either naturally or through sheer discipline, that help make them successful. If you use the same tactics, you might be able to reap rewards similar to what they’ve achieved. 632 more words