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Marinara Sauce

A few weeks ago I did a post calculating the astonishing amount of sugar that a five-year-old could consume in a single day by eating typical processed and restaurant food.  880 more words

Make Ahead

#16 - Recipe Share: Pizza Dough

Do you have a favourite recipe for making home made pizza? I’ve searched the Internet high and low to come up with the perfect pizza dough recipe.   292 more words


Spicy Corn Salad

Here is a recipe that makes use of one of the only consistent items of produce you can get in the Maine winter: frozen corn. Blah, yeah? 451 more words


#14 - BBQ Hamburgers

So anyone living in Northern Ontario right now knows it’s not exactly BBQ season but these hamburgers are so amazing, you can cook them up in a grilling pan and still have fabulous results. 312 more words


Breakfast Casserole

One thing you need to know about me… I’m not a morning person. The only reason why I get up early and can function is coffee, I want my makeup to look good, and my dog is crazy. 266 more words

Mason Jar Salads (2 go!)

Get ready for salads.

This salad only gets better as it marinates, so you can make it on a Sunday night and have salad to go (or ready & waiting for you at home) for the workweek ahead. 636 more words

Wonton Dumplings for Soup or Frying

I love having food in the freezer ready at a moment’s notice but I hate buying prepared foods. I loath going to the grocery store and buying something already made*. 469 more words