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Have you ever made eye contact with a complete stranger, across a crowded room, and felt this strange connection to them? You’re both staring at each other, there’s this electricity buzzing in the air between you, and you’re caught in this weird moment like you feel you could know them from another time, and then one of you breaks eye contact by glancing away, and the spell is broken. 211 more words

Digisaurus - Make A Move

Ohio funk pop-funk rock band Digisaurus Releases their single Make A Move 45 more words


Midweek Fix: Unwritten


The rain looked like jail bars would look to a prisoner. To the figure standing in the doorway; at least.


He stood there and stared at the impact points of millions of raindrops; the tarred yet uneven surface of Ukpabio Street. 1,467 more words


Did I Make a Move on Gavin DeGraw?

Oh my goodness I NEVER posted this (enter in geez  oh peet emoticon face here). However, appropriate to enter as I’ll be seeing Gavin play at Busch Gardens tomorrow! 1,213 more words


Healthy Tips : Lose Weight = Exercise and Calorie Control

Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese people like to say, “Being able to eat is bless.”
So on Chinese New Year Eve my family always having many food for dinner before the next day of Chinese New Year celebration. 1,133 more words


WordPress me!

Today is the day.
Today is the day.
Today is THE day.

Whatever way it’s accentuated, make a move today. Make it the best move… 82 more words

Dear Loretta from #PreachersofLA, I GET IT

Dear Loretta,


You may resent this. I mean what could a twentysomething know about the life of a seasoned-yet-fabulous woman such as yourself? But I see the similarities. 932 more words

Confessions Of A Wedding Blogger And An Almost Fiancee