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Desperately In Need Of Advice Following A Major C-ptsd Meltdown.

Hello everyone, This is my first post ever on My PTSD (though admittedly I ve spent a great deal of time on it in the past) – or any forum for that matter. 82 more words

Fair Stand Design Turkey

Fair stand design is a major part of what we do and is an essential service that goes “hand in hand” with our own in-house production capabilities. 6 more words

Hey there young fella, what do you do at college?

My name is Dillan Keene and I’m a Senior at Central Washington University pursuing a degree in Public Relations. Now, every conversation I’ve had with older generations where I share my degree has been met with confusion. 176 more words

Public Relations

A Path to Choose...

As senior year approaches, I am getting more and more letters, post cards, and emails from colleges begging for my consideration.  Though I have my sights set on a certain nearby university, it is quite exciting to explore the myriad of programs, colleges, and universities.   512 more words


So I'm Kind of An Adult Now

So it’s been a few days since I wrote anything (Like almost exactly a week? What’s that about?) and it’s kinda proof that I’m bad at journaling. 895 more words

The Fiction We Live

Besides video games, movies are a major bonding point between Mark and I, giving us the opportunity to go from roommates to brothers. Though I’m the film major, Mark is just a major fan of film. 1,343 more words