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An Author is an Author is an Author

After all these weeks, you might be questioning why I personally consider myself a writer when the majority of my posts are complaints about school, society, and work. 725 more words


Gay Characters in Mainstream Fiction

What does this mean? Well, to me, it means that there are prominent LGBT characters within a novel that is not generally sold as ‘gay literature’. 645 more words


Planned Parenthood president cites Beyoncé as proof that feminism is not 'fringe'; Misquotes Scott Walker

It’s strange how often Beyoncé has been cited on Twitter lately, especially for someone who hasn’t delivered a major address to the press or public. 401 more words

US Politics

Additive manufacturing goes mainstream

The Writer of this article: Joe Barkai, writes a captivating article about the seriousness of 3D printing, and how, if this technology becomes a standard tool of manufacturing, would require stringent laws and regulation to maintain quality in all fields that this is applied to.

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When an Ok looking girl makes a move on you and you don’t really go with it, only to realize, once she walks away, that you’ve made a HUGE mistake.


The problem with liking mainstream anime

The problem with liking mainstream anime… I’m sure a lot of us who are often called “weeabo” or “otaku” enjoy a lot of anime. We enjoy all kinds of anime and pride ourselves in loving the unknown. 286 more words