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Surviving the Toddler Years Part I

Whether your little one is in the “Not-So” Terrific Two’s or the dreaded “Three-nager”, next to the teen years, the toddler stage is without a doubt one of the most challenging. 421 more words

Manufacturing Dissent

Professor Michel Chossudovsky is the author of many important books. His latest is The Globalization of War: America’s Long War Against Humanity. Chossudovsky shows that Washington has globalized war while the US president is presented as a global peace-maker, complete with the Nobel Peace Prize. 84 more words

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Breaking Through Mainstream Media Lies

Dear Readers, Friends and Fighters for Truth in Media,

Day in and day out, people are tuning in to Global Research to find out what is going on in the world. 61 more words

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FurAffinity's new ownership makes a turning point. Should fans fear commercialization?

(Via Greenreaper):

A comment from 8Chan:

The furry community is loaded with cash compared to other niche internet communities and it’s been exploding in popularity over the last decade.

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Для меня прошедшая неделя стала какой-то очень серой. Сама погода по утру подсказывала настроение, а дела и неуспехи будто стремились согласиться. Например, я провалила всю неделю курсов немецкого языка. 9 more words


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Aparentemente es una comedia ochentera de culto en yanquilandia. Es yanqui y ochentera hasta la médula, normal que no sea tan conocida afuera, me parece. 402 more words

The Technical Process and Technologies

I primarily worked on the magazine and constructed it using the programme Adobe Photoshop.

Originally I had a plain black background. I chose the colour black because it reflects the neo-noir genre because neo-noir tends to explore dark themes. 982 more words

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